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What is your favorite color? According to a recent survey, 42 percent of men and 30 percent of women share the same answer: blue. Why do so many people love the color blue? Perhaps it’s because it is associated with the outdoors, in shades of sky and sea. Perhaps it is because the color is said to lower blood pressure and create feelings of calm and serenity. Whatever the case, the popularity of the color blue makes it a perpetual favorite for home design trends from paint color to artwork to furnishings and more. 


If you’re considering creating a blue interior décor, you may want to narrow down your preference to a particular shade, or perhaps go for a monochromatic tone-on-tone look with varying shades of blue. You can find a blue color scheme for any design style, from the most sophisticated, contemporary look to a relaxed, casual design.


Use Blue Tones to Brighten Up Your Home

You may think of blue as a dark shade, like navy, or a pale shade, like ice, sky, or seafoam. But there are a variety of fun, unexpected, and bright hues that can make your design pop and offer you more decorator options. If you’re interested a blue interior, consider using on of there shades of blue for some interior paint ideas.

  • Tiffany Blue: This shade, named for the iconic jewelry store’s little blue boxes, has become a popular home design trend over the past few years. Inside your home, Tiffany blue curtains, throws, or kitchen appliances can offer an upscale pop of color that suggests the luxury associated with the Tiffany brand. This is a great color choice if your considering a blue interior for your home.
  • Teal: Teal is a great color to use in blue interior design, marrying blue and green to create a transitional color that can work with either. Shades of teal can vary from light to dark, with some leaning more to the blue side while others look more green.
  • Cornflower: A bright blue popular in a variety of art and literature, cornflower blue comes from the flower that is its namesake, and offers a bright blue that is not overwhelming, making it a great choice for larger pieces like accent chairs, painted hutches, or even sofas.
  • Cerulean: Popularized by its use in fashion and its mention by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, cerulean is a rich color associated with luxury design elements. It makes a bold choice as a paint color or as a focal point in a room, perhaps in a rug or large piece of furniture. If your looking for interior paint ideas look no further than cerulean.
  • Ultra Blue: Sometimes called Ultramarine, this shade is a very modern-looking, bright blue with roots in Renaissance art and ancient methods of production. Because it is so bright, a little goes a long way, so use Ultra Blue as a pop of color in a throw pillow, lamp, or decorative object. Ultra blue is a great choice for blue home décor.


Interior Paint Ideas

One of the beauties of blue as an interior paint color is that virtually any shade can work, whether light, bright, or dark. A pale blue can serve as a neutral backdrop to brighter or darker colors throughout the room, as can a deep navy. A bright blue can be neutralized by paler shades in the room’s furnishings and can illuminate a room that doesn’t get much natural light.


One thing to take into consideration when choosing an interior paint color is the way that light changes throughout the day in your space. Morning light is different from afternoon light, which is different from lamplight in the evening. Choose a variety of paint shades in your chosen color and paint patches on different walls in your room, then see how they look at different times of day. This will allow you to narrow down a shade that you’ll love around the clock. And don’t forget, paint sheen can also play a role in how the color appears, so consider your options.


Blue Home Décor Ideas

You don’t have to re-do your entire space in order to bring your favorite blue color scheme to life. First, neutralize your current space, removing other prominent colors in throw pillows, artwork, lamps, and objets d’art, then substitute new elements in your chosen shade of blue.


Consider a blue and white color scheme, which is always an elegant option. Invest in a collection of blue and white vases to create a tabletop design element or create a focal wall full of blue and white china platters. Add a third color for contrast -- perhaps a bold lemon yellow or a bright shade of tangerine -- to create a sophisticated designer look.


If you’re going for a monochromatic look with a variety of shades of blue layered on each other, be sure that you stick to two or three shades -- one pale neutral, one bright medium, and one dark contrast color -- and focus on balancing them so that you don’t overwhelm the room with the brighter blue or wash it out with too much of the pale hue.


Whatever your taste, you can find the right blue interior design color scheme for your home and one that suits you color mood. Don’t be afraid of a bright, bold blue -- just learn to make it work for you and your space. Beautiful blue is one of today’s most popular home design trends, and we’re sure it will soon be one of your favorites. Looking for more design ideas? Check out our Pulte Design Center to personalize your space and make it just right for you and your family.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Christy Murdock Edgar

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Published 7.12.19

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