Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

Searching for the ultimate kitchen design? From open-concept kitchens to our top kitchen design trends for 2021, use this article to get inspired and start making plans for your dream kitchen.

Mixing in the Bold

A big kitchen design in 2021 is figuring out creative ways to mix bolder pieces into your overall design. But that doesn’t mean you have to make a ton of bold choices. There are a few different ways that you make a bold decision here and there, to give a little more character to your kitchen. You can start by deciding to work with a colored stone.


We’ve seen more and more colored stone countertops sneaking into different designs in 2021. In some cases, that means dark blacks and slate grays. But you don’t have to go that bold. Opt for a warm brown instead, if you don’t like bolder colors. Bringing natural elements into your space is also on-trend, so a warm brown can add warmth to your kitchen—even if you decide that everything else should be white.


Texture is another creative way that you can make a bold move in your kitchen. Consider textured wallpaper on an accent wall, or browse your tile options. You can either use a textured tile or create a focal point using a creative tile design or mosaic. This can be especially effective in an open concept kitchen when trying to create spaces of intimacy.

Find Your Element

We hit on this a bit already, but it would be hard to write a 2021 kitchen trend list without including the push towards more natural elements. The fun of this though, is that you can choose the elements that suit you.


We’ve all been to that coffee shop before that has gorgeous, natural wood tables, trendy matte black accents, and plants that are perfectly taken care of by somebody else. Well, good for that coffee shop. And if you like that vibe (know how to care for plants), designing a kitchen inspired by it would be a very valid direction to go in 2021.


But if that feels like too much for you, no sweat. Pick natural elements and tones that make sense to you. If you like bold and bright colors, go with a dark stone countertop to set it off. Or if you happen to have the perfect green thumb, just focus on hanging plants in a decorative way that adds character or creates intimacy.


Health & Convenience

With more and more homes having built-in smart home features, kitchens are getting smarter too. That includes things like smart appliances that let you know when you’re out of milk or voice assistants that help you get through that multi-step recipe. Existing tech has also seen some upgrades, like extractor fans that are nestled right at the source of the crime—your oven top.


Hot water taps are also on-trend in 2021, which offer instant hot or boiling water. Great for quicker noodles, but also great for making tea. And hot water taps aren’t the only breakthrough at the kitchen sink. Hands-free faucets are also on-trend. Because they add simplicity (no more post-cracked-egg hand slime on the sink faucet), but also because they can contribute to a healthier kitchen.


But that brings us to the last of our kitchen design trends for 2021—a move towards creating kitchen spaces that inspire health and wellness. And that’s not necessarily just from a tech perspective. Sure, things like antimicrobial surfaces are increasing in popularity. But simply designing your space for a healthier lifestyle can also make a difference. That might include a filtered water tap so you can stay hydrated and skip the plastic, or a breakfast station that makes putting together your morning fixins’ a simple-to-maintain routine.


Add a hint of wellness to your kitchen, or experiment with a touch of something bold. If you have an open concept kitchen, try using some of the tips above to create more intimate and dedicated spaces in your layout. Find the kitchen design trends for 2021 that work for you and make your space one that you’ll love.



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Published 8.27.2021

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