How Much Does Remodeling a Kitchen Cost?

How much does remodeling a kitchen cost? Kitchen remodeling costs can have a pretty large range, depending on the size of your kitchen and the type of features that you’re looking for. But here are a few points worth considering when planning out the costs of your kitchen remodel.

Location Matters

While the national average of kitchen remodeling costs is about $25,000 and up, your location can make a difference. In states like Hawaii, California, and Washington, labor costs are higher than elsewhere—about $27 an hour. This is also true in areas like Chicago, where the cost to build a home is lower than in California but the labor cost is about the same. On the lower end are states like Oklahoma or Mississippi, where labor costs are only about $14 an hour.  In the middle range are areas like Wyoming or Virginia, where labor costs range between $18-20 an hour. To get a better estimate for what your costs might look like, try to find the average within your zip code.


Kitchen Remodel Costs Based on Size

The size and scope of your project can also make a difference. Here’s a look at different kitchen remodel costs based on the size of your project.

Small Kitchen Remodel Costs

The average cost for a smaller kitchen remodel can be as little as $4,000. Smaller kitchen remodeling costs are typically lower because less material is required.

Medium Kitchen Remodel Costs

This size of kitchen remodel is more likely to fall in a mid-range of about $13,000 to $20,000. However, as the size of your kitchen increases the level of finish might also increase, which could add to your costs.

Large Kitchen Remodel Costs

Bigger kitchens can often require a large investment. Not just because they require more material and more time, but also because they are likely to be in more high-end homes where you are probably planning on installing high-end finishes and appliances.

High-End Kitchen Remodel Costs: Is it Worth It?

Many people complete kitchen remodels to add more value to their homes. And an average kitchen remodel can be a great investment. Of course, the level of finish you want in your kitchen is not always dependent on the size. But before you go all out on a high-end kitchen remodel, you’ll want to consider a few things.

You’ll spend more than you think

While the average cost of a remodel might be around $25,000—the cost of a major, mid-level kitchen upgrade will probably cost you around $70,000. For an upscale kitchen upgrade, you might be looking at closer to $140,000.

You’ll get some but not all of your investment back

A kitchen upgrade will add value to your home, but it might not add as much value as the original cost. There are exceptions to this, of course. Maybe your old kitchen is so old, it’s just bringing the rest of your home’s value down with it. But in general, you can plan to recoup almost 60 percent on a mid-level upgrade. However, a high-end remodel might only recoup closer to 50 percent.


Focus on your needs instead

With all of that in mind, there are still good reasons to upgrade your kitchen. People have increased family time, added to the number of nights they eat at home and led healthier lifestyles after completing kitchen remodels. Just keep this in mind and instead of focusing on high-end finishes that you think other people will like, upgrade your kitchen based on what you feel will serve you best.


How much does remodeling a kitchen cost? The first time you research that question, you might be inclined to go with the lower numbers you find. You’re a practical person after all and you’re not going to do anything that’s completely out there. Right? But the truth is, remodeling is just sometimes far more expensive than most of us can imagine. For that reason, plan for the higher numbers. It’s better to overshoot the costs than underestimate them and find yourself in a difficult position. Over time, you’ll get better at coming up with your own financial plans for remodeling.



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Published 9.14.2021

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