10 Myths about Home Builders, Busted

Many homeowners daydream about building a home and assume that it will never become a reality because new construction is simply too complicated. While the idea of building a new home from the ground up can be intimidating, working with the right home builder can ease your anxieties and help create a smooth process from start to finish.


If you have been talking yourself out of building a new home, you might be buying into some myths that simply aren’t true. Learning the facts about these 10 myths could change your mind about building a new home.


1. Home builders are too expensive

You don’t have to be rich to work with a home builder. There are plans to fit a variety of budgets and choosing different materials and features can help keep costs low while still providing a home that fits your family and your lifestyle.


In housing markets like Riverside and San Bernardino, there isn’t a significant difference in the price of building versus purchasing an existing home. It is also important to consider that today’s homes are exponentially more energy efficient than older homes, which means significant savings on utilities.


Finally, a new home means that everything will be in top working order and under warranty. If anything goes wrong, you won’t have to worry about paying for repairs or replacements. All of these factors make home builders a more affordable option than you might assume.


2. Home builders always go over schedule

Today’s home builders use the latest technology to map out a sophisticated construction schedule to ensure that every step of the process is completed on time. You won’t have to worry about endless delays. This software eliminates any guesswork and helps to avoid unexpected surprises so that you can move in on time.


3. Home builders will always try to upsell on features

No one likes to feel like they are in a high pressure sales situation. You want to be able to trust that your home builder has your best interest in mind. Fortunately, there are reputable home builders out there who are putting the client first and are committed to working with you. It all comes down to doing some research and finding the right home builder.


4. Home builders only offer basic floor plans

While some builders may offer basic floor plans to choose from, you are often able to personalize many aspects of your home to suit your lifestyle and tastes. You’ll work with a knowledgeable design and build team that will help you create a unique home tailored to your wants and needs.


5. Home builders cut corners to improve profits

Yes, home builders are part of a business that is trying to make money, but the right company will take pride in their work and have a reputation for expert craftsmanship. As you look for the right home builder, be sure to ask for recommendations and get a feel for what kind of experience previous clients had with the builder.


6. All home builders are the same

All it takes is a little research to see that there is a wide range in the quality and reputation of homebuilders. Builders may also specialize in different architectural styles. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you will get the same experience with any homebuilder you choose. 


7. Building a home is way too stressful

Again, it all comes down to finding the right home builder. Investing the time and energy into the planning phases can ensure that your project goes off without a hitch. Building a new home can be a fun and exciting undertaking when you find the right partner.


8. Home builders will use cheap materials

The success of any home builder depends on the quality of their work. Using cheap materials will only create dissatisfied homeowners and negatively affect business. It is in everyone’s best interest to use the latest in high-quality and durable materials.  


9. Getting a loan to hire a home builder is too difficult

Look for home builders who have relationships with lenders and can help you navigate the financial portion of your project. You may be surprised to see just how easy it can be to secure a loan and get construction underway when you have an experienced builder providing you with guidance.


10. Home builders don’t want to work with first time buyers

There is no reason that your first home can’t be a custom home. The main goal of any trustworthy builder is to provide clients with a beautiful home that they can enjoy for years to come. Even if you are completely new to the home buying and building process, a home builder will be happy to walk you through the process and ensure a successful project. 


There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to the home building experience and what you can expect from builders. Make sure you arm yourself with the right information so you can create your dream home and find the perfect home builder to complete your project.


To start planning your home build, contact Pulte Homes today and discover what makes us different.  



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Published 10.14.19

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