Spring Home Improvement Project Ideas

Once springtime arrives, many homeowners can’t wait to work on weekend home improvement projects. Not only are they fun, but they’re also an easy way to add value and pizzazz to your property. We’ve rounded up our three top choices of how to improve your home and yard in only two days. Check out our list of top home improvement ideas and DIY home projects for this spring.


Project 1 – The Front Porch

Heading the list of favorite DIY home projects is spiffing up the front porch. Even if it already looks good, changing things up is still fun. To get started take a step back and check out your porch and entryway. What could use some improvement and TLC? If you’d like some inspiration, Pinterest is loaded with ideas and images from proud homeowners.


Here are the top DIY home projects you can do this spring to improve the curb appeal of your porch without spending very much money or time.


Flowers - Nothing brightens up an entrance like beautifully potted flowers in vibrant colors. If you already have planters, just change the flowers and plants out for the season. Otherwise carefully select pots that look good on the steps, and deck. Make sure you have the containers on trivets, so they don’t damage the wood. Before you take a trip to the nursery, take some pictures of your porch and pots so you can find the perfect plants and flowers. Adding flowers is an easy DIY home improvement that can make your porch look great this spring.


Furniture - If you’re super crafty and love to shop garage sales, you can find some real deals on wicker and wood outdoor furniture that just needs a little TLC. After a good cleaning and maybe a little sanding, apply a few coats of high-grade exterior paint. Gloss looks the best and is the easiest to clean.


Area Rug - In the past, rugs were only for the inside. Not anymore, now you can find beautifully woven rugs that are easy to sweep and blow off in stores like Home Depot or Lowes. Take proper measurements and choose something that frames your sitting area as well as complements your furniture and color palette.


Front Door - Have you ever considered changing the color of your door with the seasons? It’s quick and easy. With a little paint, you can transform the entire look of your porch. For spring select bright colors of blue, green, or yellow. A gloss sheen looks the best. You can try different colors to see what looks best from a distance and during different times of the day.


Wall Hanging - Adding an outside wall hanging adds drama and helps celebrates the seasons. Decorate with wreaths, window boxes, or baskets. And if you love going to local crafts fairs, keep your eyes open for handmade wall decor that ties everything together. Go with what compliments the surroundings, for example, in Florida you might pick up something with a beach theme, and in Washington state, you’d most likely find something rustic. 


Project 2 – The Deck

Reviving a tired and worn wooden deck is our second pick for perfect weekend home improvement projects. Although it does take quite a bit of elbow grease, it’s totally worth it. Smart homeowners make it a habit of doing this and other repair projects every year since it protects the wood from damage and dry rot along with and extending its life.


Pressure Wash - The first step is to power wash your deck and any stairs. You can rent a pressure washer from your local hardware store or Home Depot for about $40 a day. If you haven’t used one of these machines before, get instructions from the clerk or look up videos on YouTube. One of the most important things is to make sure you don’t have the nozzle too close to the wood because it can damage it. You want it just close enough to get rid of the dirt but not damage the grain.


Let it Dry - Depending on where you live you’re going to want to let the wood dry for 24 to 48 hours before you go to the next step. You need to make sure the wood is completely dry before sealing it.  If you still have some rental time on the pressure washer, you can take advantage of having the machine and clean your sidewalks, bricks, and the exterior of your home. Make sure all windows and doors are completely shut first.


Stain & Seal - Once the wood is dry, it’s time to apply the stain. In most cases, you’ll want to use a similar color to what you had before unless it’s brand new wood. If you select more of a transparent stain, the wood grain will show through. Whereas if you choose a solid color, you won’t be able to see any natural grain. It really depends on your preference, because both look good and protect the wood.


Project 3 – Interior Paint & Wallpaper

For those of you who want DIY home improvement ideas for interior projects, think paint and wallpaper. With these two things alone, you can transform a room from “Blah” to “Fabulous.” We’ve chosen two places that are sometimes forgotten, yet easy enough to conquer over a weekend and make for a fun DIY home improvement project.


Laundry Room - Often the most neglected room of the house, the poor laundry room deserves some love too. That’s especially true if it’s stark white with no personality. Since most hard working and hard playing families spend quite a bit of time in here why not make it cheerful with bright colors? A great way to go is to have three walls one color and one wall a bold accent color. Or you can paint the back wall and add some much-needed shelving. A well designed and decorated laundry room can greatly improve its purpose in your home.


Guest Bath - Wallpaper is back, and we’re not talking the old-fashioned kind that you can’t wait to remove. Along with painting, wallpaper can add even more drama to any dull room. Although it can be pricey, when you’re only doing one wall especially in a small space like a guest bath, it’s totally affordable. Plus, you can do it in a weekend.


We hope our ideas for weekend home improvement projects have you feeling motivated!



Contributed to Your Home blog by Carol Youmans

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Published 2.23.2020

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