4 Online House Hunting Tips

In this day and age, online house hunting is inevitable for anyone starting to search for a new home. The first thing we do is hit the Internet to see what our options are for our area, to weigh new construction versus resale, and to learn more about mortgage options. Keep reading for some tips to consider while house hunting online.


1. Utilize Available Virtual Tours

From new construction to resale homes on the market, many sellers are utilizing virtual tours as well as 3D virtual tours to allow buyers to tour the home without physically going onto the property. A virtual home tour will allow the seller to experience every angle of the home by clicking through the rooms and many times you can experience the outside of the home as well. When available, a 3D virtual tour can be even more helpful for feeling out the space without physically walking in it.


Pulte Homes virtual home tours are powered by Matterport and use high-definition cameras to capture vivid details of the entire space. In explore mode, you can view the home with 360-degree views placed every 4 to 5 feet of the space. Each room has several viewing spots to give you multiple angles of a room, while the measuring tool lets you take custom measurements, allowing you to measure counter heights, hallways, and floor space with the simple click of a button.


2. Utilize Online Listing Sites

Using online listing websites can be very helpful when searching for new construction or resale homes online from home. Some of the most popular sites for online house-hunting are Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia. When using these sources, make sure the website is up to date on their listings and are frequently updating the status of the homes. Some websites are a few days behind and can show a home as available when it is under contract or pending sale. Using MLS.com is a great way to be sure the home is available before taking the next step.


3. Keep Your Options Open

It can be easy to think you know what you want and put those exact filters on your online home search. But opening your options and really considering everything can lead you to the home meant for you. Try putting only your non-negotiable items, such as your price range, as filters instead of every little thing that might not allow you to see all your options. Keep your options open and explore all the features of the home before deciding whether you like those features.


4. Get in Touch

Although searching and potentially buying a home virtually is typically easy and intuitive, don’t be afraid to reach out to the seller with questions. Since you won’t be walking in the home right away (or at all), it is vital that you get all your questions answered ahead of time. While searching, write down questions about each property and when you narrow down your top options, reach out to get those specific questions answered. Real estate agents, sellers and homebuilders alike are ready to help you.


With Pulte Homes, buying a home online is made easy by New Home Specialists who are on call ready to answer your questions and concerns. And you won’t have to worry about designing your new home virtually because we have plenty of online home design tools at our disposal. Just visit any community page to find a specialist to assist you.


House hunting online is an easy way to get a feel for what homes are on the market, in your area, and in your price point before taking the huge step of buying a new home.



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Published 5.3.2020

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