Tips for Moving to A New City

More and more people and taking the leap and relocating to a new city to start a new job or take advantage of other opportunities. Starting over in a new place can be both exciting and a little terrifying. To help smooth your transition, here are a few tips that will help you find your next home and get settled into your new city.


1. Ask for Recommendations

Fortunately, the internet has made it a lot easier to research for good neighborhoods and get a feel for places, but nothing beats a firsthand perspective from a trusted source. If you have friends and family in the city, ask about their favorite places, what makes each neighborhood unique and where they would suggest you start shopping for a new home. Even distant connections will be happy to share information about their city, so don’t be afraid to reach out and utilize your network.


2. Make a List of Your Priorities

Each neighborhood is going to have some pros that make it seem like an attractive choice. If you don’t have a process for decision-making in place, things can quickly start to get overwhelming. Take a moment to decide what are the most important characteristics you are looking for in a neighborhood. For example:

  • How close do you want to be to major expressways and other transportation hubs?
  • Should the neighborhood be walkable?
  • Do you want a new build or are you willing to invest in an older home? What are your new vs resale options?
  • Are there parks nearby?
  • How far will you have to travel to do your regular shopping and errands?
  • What is the crime rate like?

Decide what you are looking for in a new home and make a list of priorities. A decision-making blueprint can help you narrow down your choices.


3. Take A Vacation in Your New City

If possible, spend time in your chosen city and get to know the area. While you will want to spend some time home shopping, your big focus should be getting a feel for the city. Stop by a local coffee shop and ask residents for recommendations about notable places that might be off the beaten path.


4. Consider Subletting A Residence

Making the move to a new city can make you feel rushed to decide on a home, but there are some temporary options that will allow you to get settled in without permanently committing to a home. Look for subletting opportunities that will provide you with a nice place to live and give you the time to get to know the city better or build a completely new home according to your own specifications.


5. Shift Things Before You Move

Once you have chosen a home, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition. Be sure to transfer all your utilities so that your new home is fully operational on move-in day. Take a moment to say hello to your new neighbors. They can serve as a great source of help and information in the coming months.

Venturing out and moving to a new city is a big decision but following these tips can reduce your anxiety and make the entire moving process a lot more enjoyable. Spending some time getting to know your new city will allow you to find the perfect home and help you thrive in your new environment.


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Published 4.26.19

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