Entryway Décor & Design Tips: How to Decorate an Entryway

Nowadays, the front entryway is so often overlooked. Yet, it is a visitor's first impression of your home and can speak volumes about you and your sense of style. Rather than leaving it as an afterthought, use some pre-thought-out design and planning to make your entryway a beautiful introduction. With a little love, entryway décor, and styling you can create a welcoming foyer that offers comfort and relaxation to all your guests. No matter the size, from tiny to grand, following a few easy tips can help ensure a welcoming entryway design.


Tip #1: Choose A Bold Color

Colors are a great way to express your style, and entryways with vivid, bold colors are bound to make a statement. For the best impact, make sure you choose a color that also complements and flows well with the adjoining rooms, to create a seamless flow into the rest of the house.


Here are a few attention-grabbing color ideas you might consider:

  • Bright Orange combines well with lush greys and contemporary styles.
  • Vibrant Blues work well in most entryway styling - from modern to traditional & shy.
  • Navy Blue is a classic that enhances any room and make wall accents pop,
  • Apple Green brightens foyers and looks captivating with French doors.
  •  Dark Cocoa brings warmth inside and creates a nurturing atmosphere.
  • Deep Red makes a grand entrance, and works with both warm and cool pallets.


If you have wainscoting in your foyer, consider painting it a classic white. Not only will it combine well with most bold colors, but it will help to enhance the space even more.


You can also add to the space by including an area rug that complements both the entryway design and adjoining rooms or, if you are feeling adventurous, consider tying the color of your entryway with your front door. That, with a few well-placed outdoor décor pieces featuring your bold color on your porch, creates a seamless transition from outside to in.


Tip #2: Add Statement Pieces

Decorating an entryway to graciously welcome your guests into your home by selecting statement pieces, like large wall mirrors or one-of-a-kind artwork, that leave a lasting impression and set a stylish tone for your whole house. In fact, this type of entryway décor makes an impact from the first moment your guests arrives, and again when they leave. Here are few easy tips on statement piece selection:

  • Take your time to choose the right classic and timeless pieces. Although they may cost more than most entryway décor, the investment is worth it.
  • Select entryway décor pieces that make a statement and define your style. Show off your unique personality in all your selections.
  • Choose and coordinate other furniture pieces, like tall console tables, with the statement items you have picked. While you can mix and match styles, all the items in your entry should flow together.
  • Make sure all your entryway décor ideas remain neat and uncluttered.


Tip #3:Create Organizing Zones

Finally, an entryway design can also be practical. Here are some things to keep in mind that can help you design your own Everyday Entry that not only minimizes clutter, but could help you save time from having to look for lost keys, book bags, or purses.

  • First, consider what clutter you are always picking up. If you have a family, your list probably includes backpacks, shoes, and sports equipment. If you are empty nesters, your list might be coats, sweaters, keys, umbrellas, dog leashes, and mail. Regardless of what items you might pick up, you want to make sure your entryway design has a spot for them all.
  • Next, consider what sort of hardware you might need in that space. Functional entryway designs may include coat hooks and ample storage baskets. Plus, a built-in seat for miscellaneous items or to help you easily get shoes on and off can come in handy.
  • Finally, think about how you will use the space. Consider establishing organized zones to store like-items, like shoes or backpacks. Not only with these spaces help get rid of clutter but these dedicated areas help establish a habit of returning items to their correct spot. Having more storage and less clutter is a goal of every tidy homeowner. Whether you have a grand foyer or smaller mudroom, plan out all your entryways with flair and organization.


Like Benjamin Franklin said: “A place for everything, everything in its place.”

Remember, an entryway is someone’s first impression of your home, and deserves your time and attention. Use these tips to help make a bold, unique, and clutter-free invitation to your home, and consider learning more about Pulte’s consumer inspired entry design.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Carol Youmans

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Published 6.8.18

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