12 Year-Round Tips from Top Home Builders

Inside or outside, checking, maintaining, and repairing your home is an essential part of helping to keep it beautiful, safe, and in good repair. Good home builders know that a  properly maintained home holds its value over the long term and saves you money by limiting unexpected repairs.


Whether you’re handy around the house or want to schedule all of the help and equipment you’ll need, we’ve gathered together our top home builder care tips for every season so that you can keep your new home in tip-top shape.


Your Year-Round Home Care Checklist

We called on home builders across the country -- from cold-weather cities like Boston, Newark, and the DC Metro to hot markets like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Raleigh -- to get their best tips on every season’s must-do checklist. Here are their top tips.


Home Builders Top Winter Tips

If your area receives a fair amount of snow and ice, its best to prepare. Our home builders in Minneapolis get their fair share of wintery mix. This is what they do to make sure their homes stay in tip-top shape for the long cold winter:


  • Remove window and door screens and replace with storm windows and doors.
  • Make sure all doors are equipped with boot scrapers and non-slip mats.
  • Insulate your hot water heater and exposed pipes.
  • Ensure all gutters and drains are clear of fallen leaves and debris to ensure proper melting and drainage.
  • Protect exterior AC unit according to manufacturer’s directions.
  • Check generator and fuel.
  • Check for dead trees or limbs that might break under the weight of snow or ice.
  • Secure handrails, stair treads, and other exterior elements for safety.
  • Check shovels and gloves and purchase ice melt if supplies are low.
  • Stock up on candles, flashlight batteries, and pantry items in case of a power outage, as well as firewood.


If your area experiences only occasional chilly weather with little to no snow or ice, like that faced by home builders in the DC metro consider the following:


Purchase or install a humidifier to ensure that dry, heated air does not cause illness or discomfort.

Cover your grill and other outdoor appliances and furniture during the coldest part of the winter.



Home Builders Top Spring Tips

Home builders in Raleigh and throughout the southeast know that when spring comes you face all sort of challenges to keeping your home in tip-top shape. Here are some of their top tips for when the weather starts to warm and flowers (and pollen) start to bloom!


  • There’s a reason they call it Spring Cleaning! Air out the home and wash windows, doors, and siding. Deep clean interiors.
  • Remove storm windows and doors and replace with window screens and screened doors.
  • Check gutters and clean as needed.
  • Inspect sprinkler heads, make necessary repairs, and turn on exterior water line when the risk of freezing has passed.
  • Inspect exterior hardscape for cracks or other damage from ice melt or shovels.
  • Check fences, deck, and porch flooring and reseal or repaint as needed.
  • Check for chipped exterior paint or wood rot and repair and repaint as needed.
  • Check, sharpen, and service landscaping tools, including mower.
  • Have air conditioning professionally serviced in preparation for Summer.
  • Inspect outdoor furniture and repair or replace as needed.
  • Have pool, spa, and water features checked in preparation for Summer.
  • Clean grill and outdoor kitchen appliances.



Home Builders Top Summer Tips

In cities like LA, it may feel like its summer most of the year, but even new home builders in Los Angeles know you can always prepare for when hot weather hits. Here are their top tips for the high heat days of summer.


  • Power wash home exterior, hardscapes, and other surfaces. Power wash trash and recycle bins.
  • Mulch planting beds to control weeds.
  • Treat hornet and wasp nests and anthills to prevent infestation.
  • Pull out and clean behind and around major appliances like washer, dryer, and refrigerator. Clean refrigerator coils and deep clean interior.
  • With an extendable duster or a pillowcase fastened over a broom, dust crown molding, ceilings, exhaust fans, and air conditioning vents throughout the home.



Home Builders Top Fall Tips

Our home builders in Boston are no stranger to the challenges falling leaves can make to a new home. Here are some of their favorite tips to keeping their homes in good shape for fall.


  • Winterize sprinkler system and turn off outdoor water line.
  • Have heating system professionally serviced in preparation for Winter.
  • Have your fireplace cleaned and checked by a professional chimney service and stock up on firewood.
  • Turn over planting beds and cover with mulch or plant winter grasses.
  • Rake leaves and schedule removal.
  • Aerate the lawn and reseed as needed.
  • Check to see if additional insulation is needed in attic space.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts and repair or replace as needed.
  • Clean, repair, and store outdoor furniture.
  • Have pool professionally drained and prepared for winter.



Home Builders Top Monthly Tips

Regardless of here you live, here are some general helpful tips from some of the nation’s top new home builders.


  • Test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors monthly and replace batteries as needed.
  • Inspect fire extinguishers and refill or replace as needed.
  • Check HVAC filters monthly and replace as needed.
  • Deep clean your home at least once per month to ensure that set-in stains don’t have a chance to become permanent.
  • Clear all outside hardscape at least once per month to avoid damage from standing water, wet leaves, or mold and mildew.
  • Walk your property monthly to ensure that there are no dead limbs, insect nests, gopher or mole holes, or groundwater leaks.
  • Walk around your property’s exterior each month and scan visually for loose roof tiles, full gutters, chipped exterior paint, or foundation cracks.


By checking in on your home’s condition regularly, you can help ensure that it stays beautiful and comfortable for decades to come. When you’re working with a home builder in one of our stunning communities, you’re sure to find the quality design, materials, and construction that make maintenance easier.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Christy Murdock Edgar

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Published 10.5.19

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