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Smart Home Video Overview

Pulte Smart Homes give you the flexibility to make your home exactly as smart as you want it to be, from the basic prewired and ready for anything to the full suite of automation that really brings your home to life. With a Pulte Smart Home you can connect all your smart home devices and experience home automation at its fullest.

Smart Home Interactive Tour

Take a walk through our interactive digital Smart Home. Click on the featured technology to learn more about how each smart home technology works and how an automated home can make your life easier.

Smart Home & Home Automation FAQs

Not sure what smart home means? Click below to learn more about Pulte Smart Homes, Smart Home Devices and Home Automation.

Smart Home Base

Every Pulte home is now a smart home with superior Wi-Fi coverage, prewired with premium CAT6 wiring for connectivity and flexibility for all your electronics and smart home devices now and in the future. Most communities even include a Fiber network that provides up to Gigabit Internet speeds to homes.


The connection point between the home and external network. This is where the router is housed and all the wiring comes together making your home truly a smart home.

Located in an easy-to-access and discreet location, you can think of the smart home base as a smart home hub.

Includes dedicated power outlets to help prevent the wireless network from going down if another appliance trips the circuit breaker. Keeping your smart home intelligent.


Wiring for the Wi-Fi antenna placed in the optimal location(s) in the ceiling.

Just add the antennae of your choice.

Ensures strong connectivity throughout the home.


A CAT6- and RG 6-wired outlet runs from the family room with the option to run to additional locations.

Allows large-bandwidth devices to be hardwired, leaving greater bandwidth available for the Wi-Fi network.

Reduces slowdowns for streaming on digital devices, gaming systems and other smart home devices.


Our Smart Home network infrastructure is built on CAT6 wiring, which allows for the best automated home experience.

Unlike other builders who still use CAT5 wiring, we use CAT6 wiring because it is 10x faster and supports up to 6x the bandwidth than CAT5. Smart home devices and other electronics on the network will operate fast and efficiently.

À La Carte Options

Create a unique suite of home automation designed to fit your needs. With additional options like sound, lighting control, and music, you can have the full automated home experience. Talk to your sales consultant to determine what is available in your area.


Feel secure and connected with smart locks and smart security.


Charge and connect your favorite devices through your new smart home.


Optimize your household and kitchen with smart appliances.


Keep your lawn looking green with automated irrigation systems.


Enjoy the comforts of the theater right within your smart home.


Control your music and other audio with your smart home devices.

Smart Home Partners

At Pulte, we're proud to partner with some of the most trusted brands in the smart home industry to help make technology a seamless part of the way you live. Working with these partners, we are able to deliver the convenience, security and connectivity you need to easily control your insightfully designed Pulte Smart Home. Begin your home automation journey.

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