The benefits of our Homeowners Association:

One of the best things about living in Tehaleh is you can relax knowing your community will keep on looking as beautiful as the day you first saw it. That's because your Homeowners Association (HOA) dues help pay for maintaining your community's common areas and amenities. Not only does that help protect your property values, it ensures you'll always be proud to call Tehaleh your home.

Items covered by the HOA:

  • Common area maintenance and utilities
  • Street lights
  • Trails
  • Water for common area irrigation
  • Security
  • Parks
  • Entrance

Common Questions

HOA Dues

  • $65.00 per month
  • Collected monthly on the first of the month

How is the governing board structured?
The Tehaleh Owners Association (TOA) is under Declarant control; therefore, the Board of Directors consists of appointed representatives from Newland Communities. This is currently a 3-member Board which meets monthly.

What committees contribute to the governing board? 
Currently there are no active TOA committees, but TOA is exploring options for a Social Committee.

Who operates the golf course?

Does the HOA survey residents to find out about new interests?
We have not held a formal survey, since the number of TOA owners is still low. We have had discussions about committees at homeowner meetings and Board meetings, and it seems the Social Committee will be a priority in 2014.

Are all the community activities included in the fees?
The monthly assessments cover a budgeted amount for community activities, but some activities may be at least partially fee-for-use.

Does the HOA have a reserve fund? 

How often are HOA fees increased?
No specified time frame but can increase at any time (if so it will be small increments).

Does the HOA maintain all the amenities?
TOA maintains the majority of amenities, in conjunction with Newland Communities.

Does the HOA have a community mailed newsletter?
Not at this time. We have been utilizing e-Blasts and the website to communicate with TOA owners.

Is there a process in place to get a new club chartered?
Not at this time.

What are the rules for visiting grandchildren?
There are no rules for visiting grandchildren in TOA.

Are there activities for visiting grandchildren?
Any activities available in the surrounding area.

Is there a HOA introductory packet given to new residents, if so when?
Yes, when TOA is notified of an owner closing on the purchase of their new home, there is a welcome packet mailed to them introducing the association.


CDC Management

HOA is managed by:

Angie Orr

15 Oregon Ave, Suite 308

Tacoma, WA 98409