The benefits of our Homeowners Association:

One of the best things about living in Trevesta is you can relax knowing your community will keep on looking as beautiful as the day you first saw it. That's because your Homeowners Association (HOA) dues help pay for maintaining your community's common areas and amenities. Not only does that help protect your property values, it ensures you'll always be proud to call Trevesta your home.

Trevesta offers a lifestyle designed
just for you. Included in dues for
Trevesta are the following:
• Trevesta Community Development
• Maintenance of storm water
management, common area
landscaping, underground structure
for utilities, conservation, perimeter
walls and entrance features
• Trevesta Homeowner’s Association, Inc.
• Amenities which include a pool with
beach entry, interactive water feature,
cabana, clubhouse, fitness center,
activities coordinator, playground,
Lakeside Trail, active recreation lawn
parking lot and mail kiosks
• Bulk internet, basic cable television
and irrigation services

CDD & HOA 2018-2019
Lot Size
40’ Lot
50’ Lot
Total CDD Annual
Total CDD Monthly
Total HOA Annual
Total HOA Monthly
Total Monthly Payment

Feldman & Mahoney, P.A.

HOA is managed by:

2240 Belleair Road, Suite 210

Clearwater, FL 33764