First Time Homebuying Tips

As you navigate the home buying experience, these words of wisdom can help you avoid pitfalls and keep you on the path to your perfect home.

Prioritize your down payment

While there are plenty of low-down-payment loans, a solid down payment (around 20%) will help you secure a favorable loan and a better interest rate. You’ll pay more up front but it could save you money in interest and other costs in the long run.

Avoid sacrificing location for space

You probably know how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want in your home. But don’t forget to factor in how location will affect your day-to-day life. The house of your dreams might be less dreamy with 2 hours of commuting every day.

Imagine the Possibilities

A Home for Everyone

Whether you’re an at-home gourmet or master of organization, Pulte Homes offers room options and configurations to fit your lifestyle.

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