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Whether you’re still dreaming of designing your own home or already planning the layout of furniture on a home you’ve just bought, before move-in time your mind is probably full of home decor ideas. Use this guide to explore home design trends and figure out when you should start planning to order new furniture.



Home Décor Trends & Tips

Decoration trends can change from year to year, but there are some home decor ideas that never go out of fashion. Consider these three practical tips while on your search for the ultimate home design trends.


Tip 1: Add More Life to Your Space with Plants

Air purifying plants can make the perfect home accent by adding fresh air to even small spaces. They also give a sense of warmth and have a timeless attraction. To make them feel more on point for the home design trends of the year, consider swapping out different planters or vases. You can even do this seasonally, to add a subtle bit of festivity.


Some of our top home accents plants that are also easy to care for include:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Chinese Evergreens
  • Baby Rubber


Find Room to Stretch with Outdoor Furniture

Expand your living space with outdoor furniture. It might not be the first place you think of applying home design trends to, but it shouldn’t be forgotten. Even a small outdoor set up with a couple of outdoor furniture pieces can give you an extra space to entertain or escape it all when you need to.


Try outdoor furniture pieces like loungers, conversation sets and dining tables to compliment the idea of indoor/outdoor living. And, to really tie your home spaces together, consider having your outdoor furniture style compliment or mirror your in-home décor.


Use Color to Create Openness

Did you know you can make a room feel bigger using paint color? Softer colors can make rooms look larger than they are—think white, off white, or even a soft blue or green. In a great room, light colors can also soften the hard lines of a wall’s edge to make the space flow more elegantly into other areas. Or you can try painting your trim a shade lighter, to make the walls themselves feel further back.



Discover the Perfect Home Accents

There are plenty of places to explore home design trends, but if you’re working with home builders on a new construction house, browsing through old stuff might not be on the top of your list. That doesn’t mean that shopping in unique places for your next home décor inspiration is a bad idea though. While you probably already have your favorite retailers and online shops, try these suggestions for some different places to find your next home accent pieces.


Go Vintage

You can find unique treasures by taking a step into the past. Vintage shops have tons of unique home accents that can bring more character to your space. You might even consider estate sales, which can require a bit of a hunt but also make for a fun way to spend a Saturday.


Be Thrifty

You’d be surprised at what you might find at a thrift shop. People often discard whole boxes without really sorting through the stuff. You may not find the couch of your dreams, but you might come across a unique home accent that help spurs your creativity.


Find a Taste of Home

Maybe it’s something you always admired as a kid. Or maybe it’s something your partner is particularly attached to. Your perfect home accent might already be in the boxes you have packed, or still tucked away on one of your mom’s shelves. Either way, swapping something you have with someone you love could be a clever way to use home accents to add a bit of warmth to your home.


Furnishing a New Construction Home

Whether your new home builders are just getting started or already putting on the finishing touches, you’re probably eager to start working out your home decor. But where do you begin? Here are 3 tips for furnishing your new construction home.


Take Inventory

You might feel like furnishing a new construction home requires a brand new slate, but before you make that decision take time to consider what pieces you already own, you’ll probably find a few things you’re just not willing to part with. Whether it’s because of a memory or it just happens to be the perfect match to your taste, these pieces can easily be a starting point for imagining your new space.


Pick Your Statement Pieces

Pick out your largest pieces of furniture first for the rooms you plan to use the most. These might be things like beds, couches, and dining tables. It’ll be easier to cater the style of your home accents to these items. They can also help you form your spaces, like defining your family room vs. your living room.


Don’t Forget Organization

Picking out organization pieces is probably not as much fun as picking out home accents, but it’s a good thing to consider. There are probably a few big things you’ll have to consider, like entryway storage racks, dressers, closet organizers, and anything you think might make your life easier. It’s worth noting though, that while you want to keep an eye out for big organization pieces that will save you time, try not to get into the small stuff just yet. What you need might change as you get more accustomed to the features that your new home builders have included.


And remember—it’s okay to start early when picking out your home accents, or even your outdoor furniture if you’re moving in during a warmer month. A good timeframe to work with is about 4-months before your move-in date. That doesn’t mean you have to purchase everything immediately, but starting early will give you an idea of what pieces you like and how long they’ll take to get delivered, so you can have everything you want exactly when you’re ready for it.


Maybe you’re working with new home builders, or maybe you’ve just found the perfect gem in a neighborhood you’ve been dreaming of for years—either way, moving into a new home is exciting. Enjoy exploring the number of different home design trends and don’t be too afraid to try some of your own home decor ideas.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Brittney Villalva

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Published 2.16.2021

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