5 Ways to Create Space in Your Living Room

While exploring different living room ideas, finding a way to maximize your space is probably at the top of your list. Consider these five, space-saving tips while on the search for modern living room ideas that can be leveraged whether you are working with a lot of space, or trying to figure out how to make a small living room work.



Start with the Floor Plan

Before you decide how to divide up your space, take a look at your floor plan. Older homes have much more restrictive floor plans with kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms located in very designated spaces. But luckily, some of today’s most popular floor plans are much easier to work with. If you’re working with a new home builder, a closed off layout shouldn’t be an issue for you. Not only should your modern house plan make life easier, but, its open layout means more modern living room ideas to choose from.


Benefits of Open Floor Plans

Modern floor plans tend to have a far more open concept, which offers much more flexibility to owners. But it’s important to still use your furniture and other living room decor to help give each space its own purpose. Breaking up your space will help you get the most out of it without making any one area feel too cluttered.



5 Tips for Saving Space with Living Room Décor


  1. Give each space a purpose
  2. Determine up front, the type of things you need to get from your space. While it’s easy to get caught up on a list of different living room ideas and want to try them all, if your space doesn’t have a clear purpose it’s more likely to become disorganized or unused. Ask yourself if you’ll need an additional workspace, a place for the kids to play while you prepare dinner, or a dedicated area for family game night. By planning on what you will need the space for, you are more likely to land on a layout that works for you and your family.


  3. Use furniture as dividers
  4. Once you’ve decided how you’re going to use the space, it’s time to select furniture that will help your living room ideas come to life. Larger pieces of furniture are great for separating different functions in a room. For example, you might use a sectional couch versus a couch to create an area for watching television on one side and studying at a small desk on the other. Bookshelves can also help here and even add privacy if you want that.


  5. Include organization pieces
  6. Get clever with some of your modern living room ideas and try to incorporate organizational elements that will help keep clutter away. If you use a bookshelf as a divider between a living and working space, for example, you can use some areas of the shelf for decorative elements but also include a couple of labeled bins for discretely storing supplies like extra pens and paper near your desk. A different bin might store family night games.


  7. Define each space with home accents
  8. Another way to bring your living room ideas to life is through home accents. Whether it’s art that reflects the type of activities that corner of space is going to be used for, wall decals, or even decorative pen cups or drink coasters—home decor can help make the purpose of the space more defined.


  9. Add lighting
  10. Picking the perfect indoor light is the final touch and a great way to add an element of modern living to your living room ideas. Try to make decisions that are practical when they need to be, like a lamp near a workspace, but fun when they can be—a unique light up sign over an area could be a fun way to create a game space.



Making Modern Living Room Designs Practical

There’s a good reason to add purpose to your space. It helps define the space in your living room, but it also helps you stay organized, so messes don’t build up as quickly. Suggestions with where work gets done and where play takes place, with easy-access organization bins nearby, will help everyone in your family do more of what they want with less of the stress. On that note, it might help to ask other members in the family about their living rooms ideas and what they might like to use some of the space for. After all, a new home should be designed to benefit everyone.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Brittney Villalva

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Published 4.8.2021

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