Top Kids Attractions in Washington, DC

There’s such rich history to experience in Washington, DC—from museums to monuments and even neoclassical architecture. But is it a good place to visit for kids? Or a good place for kids to live? Here are a few Washington, DC attractions that could be fun for kids of all ages.


Considering moving to the area more permanently? We’ve also listed a couple of attractions that are conveniently located near new home builders in the Washington, DC area.


Kid-Friendly Museums in DC

Kids’ museums in DC are pretty easy to come by, and there are a few good ones that go out of their way to cater to families. Here are a couple that you won’t want to miss when checking off your list of Washington, DC attractions.

The International Spy Museum

If you’re planning on hitting a few museums in Washington, DC and have kids that are over 7 or so, then you’ll want to stop here first — especially to prove to your kids that museums can be totally cool. Not that history isn’t, but who doesn’t want to be a spy? That’s what makes this spot distinguishably a kid’s museum, but also fun for adults. At the International Spy Museum, you can even go undercover to test your spy skills — an experience that spans seventeen different digital and physical interactives, spread throughout the Museum’s permanent exhibitions over two floors.


That’s in addition to it holding the largest collection of international espionage artifacts on public display.


National Museum of American History

More than just an educational experience—although the sheer volume of artifacts and fascinating glimpses into the past might be enough to capture the attention of younger guests for at least a while—the National Museum of American History also has areas that focus on more interactive experiences. That includes Spark!Lab, where museum visitors can become inventors for the day. Good for kids 6 to 12, they’ll have the opportunity to collaborate, explore, test, experiment, and of course, invent.


Kid-Friendly DC Monuments & Memorials

Washington, DC monuments aren’t always the most exciting for kids. Especially many in Washington, DC that encourage people to remain quiet in the area and offer their respect. But there is one Washington, DC monument that might appeal to kids.


Albert Einstein Memorial

A monumental bronze statue created by sculptor Robert Berks, this statue depicts Albert Einstein seated with manuscript papers in hand and is situated near the southwest corner of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) grounds. As part of the memorial, you’ll also discover a 28-foot star map made of emerald pearl granite that’s been embellished with more than 2,700 metal studs representing the sun, moon, stars, planets, and other astronomical objects—placed precisely by astronomers from the US Naval Observatory, as they were on the centennial date.


What makes this Washington, DC monument unique for kids is that they are encouraged to climb and explore it. The statue itself is seated on a 3-tier concrete bench that’s surrounded by trees, so it can be an ideal space to catch a break from your list of Washington, DC attractions, and maybe even sneak in a snack. It’s also a close walk from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, so you could consider doing something more serious first and then paying it off with a monument that’s more fun to explore.


The Capital Wheel

If you’re going to be in the DC area for a while, or are considering new home builders in the Washington, DC area, then a trip to the Capital Wheel is definitely warranted. Located just outside of DC—in National Harbor, Maryland—the Capital Wheel offers incomparable waterfront views of DC, Maryland, and Virginia, all from comfortable, climate-controlled gondolas. It’s also a great way to catch a glimpse of a few Washington, DC monuments all at once. From the top of the wheel, you can enjoy a birds’ eye view of National Harbor, the Washington Monument, Masonic Temple of Alexandria, and more.


Located next to the Capital Wheel is also a 36-foot Americana-themed Carousel that offers a nearby playground, shaded picnic tables, and a new pavilion. If you’re considering new home builders in the Washington, DC area, The Flats at National Harbor are just a short walk away. There, you can set a time to tour a new flat and learn more about the new home builders in the area.



There are plenty of kids attractions in DC to consider when planning a visit to our nation’s capital. And it helps to have areas like Baltimore and Virginia nearby, that offer even more things to do in the Washington, DC area. But even if you stay on foot the whole time, you’ll run into an endless amount of Washington, DC attractions that are worth discovering.



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Published 11.12.2021

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