The Best Neighborhoods to Explore in Denver

It’s hard to rank the best neighborhoods in Denver—there’s a lot of them. But we’re going to try. Here is our list of top Denver neighborhoods for folks from all walks of life (or those that just really like walking).


Top Denver Neighborhood for Hipsters

Ok, does anyone say the word “hipster” anymore? It’s not very...hip. But you know the type of neighborhood we’re talking about. It has a local coffee shop that only sources fair trade coffee beans. Plus a barista that makes you feel oddly guilty for ordering an iced latte (though they make a macchiato sans caramel that looks and sounds pretty good). 


Vintage shops usually run aplenty in this type of area, and local holes in the wall offer up tasty treats or impossibly cool finds. If all of this sounds like your cup of joe and you’re new to some of the best areas in Denver, consider hitting up LoDo—short for “Lower Downtown.” 


As one of Denver’s older neighborhoods, it’s seen its fair share of history. Formerly a commercial center and rail hub, by the 1930’s it was considered skid row. But the city has invested a lot of time and energy since transforming it into the gem that it is now. Find the hottest fashion by local makers at one of its unique boutiques or enjoy one of the many restaurants, shops, and bars at the renovated, historic 100-year-old Union Station. It’s also home to Coors Field, where the Colorado Rockies play.


Plus, you may not find a lot of new home construction in Denver proper. But this Denver neighborhood is only a half-hour train ride away from the Aurora Highlands—a recently built new home construction community. So you can have your coffee and drink it too (on the train). 


Top Denver Neighborhood for Artists, Musicians, and Bohemians

Capitol Hill makes the top of almost every “Best Neighborhoods in Denver” list, and for good reason (although we’re purposely punishing it because of that). What’s not to like? Originally the stopping ground for well-off folks, you’ll find plenty of historical architecture to gawk at in Capitol Hill—including a few old mansions and churches. Like LoDo, the neighborhood saw some hard times for a while. Which honestly, was sort of great news for some people. 


Suddenly affordable to more middle-class working families and of course, the artsy or musician types, you’ll still find traces of urban culture oozing all over Capitol Hill. Vegetarian spots? You bet. A lingering punk community? Yep. Plus a well-renowned party street and—it’s pretty queer-friendly. 


There are occasionally condos for sale in the area, but it’s mostly a renter’s game in this neighborhood and rent has gone up a lot over the past decade. If you’re looking to scratch that new home construction itch, you’ll be best off taking an Uber. You’re better off not trying to park.


Top Denver Neighborhood for Beer Lovers & Antique Shoppers

Ok, these two things don’t exactly go together. Maybe you love craft beer or distillery tours. Maybe you love antiques? Maybe—maybe, you love both (if you love both though, really, this is for you). Still. Doesn’t matter. If you like one of these things, you might be interested in exploring SoBo (ok Denver, we see you trying to be New York). Actually called South Broadway (does SoBo even make sense here?), this might be a less explored part of Denver. But it’s worth the day trip!


Once a major transportation corridor for Denver, you can now find an eclectic mix of neighborhood taverns, vintage clothing stores, unique eateries, bookstores, art galleries, international restaurants, craft shops, and more. Like antiques? Shop more than 100 antique stores, all packed into “Antique Row.” Plus (and as promised), SoBo is also home to Crazy Mountain Brewing Company, the Colorado Cider Company, and TRVE Brewing Co. If you want to level it up, you can find local spirits at Denver Distillery and Laws Whiskey House.


The neighborhood is still up and coming at the moment, so it might not be the best place for a family. But you could opt for the new home construction at Sterling Ranch. Also a brand new community, you can drive (about 10 minutes) and park at the train station to pay a visit to SoBo. From there, it’s less than a 20-minute train ride (no parking, no problem).


Are these the best neighborhoods in Denver? Or the best areas in Denver? We don’t know. We’re not here to qualify good, better, and best. But they are some pretty cool spots worth checking out. And they also offer you the opportunity to live like a local while sneaking away on a train ride to some of the best new home construction in the Denver area. So whether you are looking to live in Denver proper, or are open to explore some of the suburban locations offered by home builders in Denver, we have you covered as you explore the "Mile High" city.



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Published 8.23.2021

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