Simple and Chic Christmas Décor

It’s a classic Christmas story, the stuff of movies and TV shows going back decades -- the over-the-top decorating frenzy that overtakes some homeowners at the holiday season. From Christmas Vacation to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, no one is immune to the impulse to overdo when it comes to Christmas.


But as we all know, such excessive displays can come out looking more tacky than tasteful, and are hard on the pocketbook as well. How can you ensure that your holiday home decor is memorable for all the right reasons? Why, with a little help from your friends at Pulte, and a few simple and chic Christmas decoration ideas.


Your Holiday Home Decorating Guide

Consider incorporating a few design cues to ensure your home looks its best this holiday season.


Pick a Theme

Yes, we know the theme is Christmas, but let’s dig a little deeper. Rather than throwing all the tinsel in town at your house, let’s try to drill down to a single element than can bring unity and cohesiveness to the design of your Christmas home decor.


Perhaps you’ll choose snowmen. Perhaps you’ll choose reindeer. You may even choose something less literal, like sparkle. Whatever you choose, let all of your decorations carry through that theme in some way. This is not the time to put out every Christmas decoration you own; just choose those pieces that reflect this year’s theme. When everything works together, you don’t need as many individual elements. The whole is bigger than the sum of its parts especially when it comes to holiday home decorating.


Use the Expected in Unexpected Ways

What do you do with a string of Christmas lights? Most people would say you either:

1. Wrap them around the tree

2. String them neatly along the roofline.


But what if you use them to spell out a message? Or hang them side by side to form an almost-solid curtain of light along a wall or trellis? What if you use them to fill mason jars or hurricane lamps and set them in the window? What if you wrap balls of dried grapevine with them and hang them from outdoor tree branches?


There will always be the classic ways of using decorative elements, but if you try to think of something a bit unexpected, you give a twist to the classic and make it a little more fun, a little more festive, and a little more beautiful.


Consider a Monochromatic Color Scheme

We think of Christmas home decor as red and green, with perhaps a little gold thrown in for added interest. But Christmas decor can come in any color, and one of the best ways to add elegance to your holiday home is through choosing one color to carry throughout the space.


A tree and home decorated entirely in winter white, silver, or gold can add opulence and elegance to your decor. A frosty, snowy arctic blue or even a pale pink is an unexpected and beautiful way to say Merry Christmas. Choose your color, then fill vases, bowls, and other containers with Christmas decorations, lights, and garlands in that color. Create tablescapes filled with candles in your chosen hue. Decorate your tree entirely in your chosen color, using ribbon in place of evergreen garland or tinsel to keep the color consistent.


Captivate All of the Senses

You may think a lot about how things look, but do you think about how they sound? Smell? Feel? Taste? All the senses are engaged in the best design, and this is especially true at the holidays.


The crackle of a wood-burning fire or music piped throughout the house creates a sonic backdrop for entertaining and family get-togethers. The smell of freshly baked dishes -- or even just a simmering pot of mulled wine or apple cider with cinnamon -- permeates the air with festive scents. Materials that are a little more plush -- a faux fur throw on the sofa or an extra cushion in an easy chair -- make your holiday home feel more indulgent. And of course, the taste of delicious desserts, cookies, or hors d’oeuvres -- or the effervescence of a sparkling holiday beverage -- should be part of every celebration.


Warm It Up

Even if it’s not cold where you live, there’s something about the holidays that calls for slightly more layered design elements to add a feeling of warmth to your home. Trade out those gauzy linen curtains for heavier satin or velvet panels. Trade out a light throw for a plush blanket. Trade out a cotton throw pillow for a heavier velvet, damask, or tapestry look.


Too warm for a fire in the fireplace? Add the impression of flickering firelight with a collection of candles there. Instead of turning on a cold overhead light fixture, add layers of warm light with lamps and candles scattered throughout the space at different levels -- on tabletops, shelves, and even on the floor. And don’t forget to give all of that light a place to reflect; scatter mirrors and shiny decorative elements throughout the space.


Whatever you choose when creating your Christmas decor, remember to have fun and add your own unique personality and design sensibility to your home. Your guests are there to spend time with you and to share a part of their holiday season with you. Whatever your decor style, the most important element of having a beautiful holiday home is having a beautiful holiday spirit.



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Published 11.27.19

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