Safe Options for Touring Model Homes Near You

On your search for “model homes near me” you’ve turned up countless options, but now doesn’t seem like the best time to be searching for a home. Still, whether it’s because you’re aching for a change, tired of dealing with a space that you’ve outgrown, or simply have no choice but to move—you’ve decided that now is the time.


That’s ok. There are at least a few ways during the pandemic that you can view model homes without having to take too much risk.


Pulte's Digital Home Buying Process

If you’re considering buying a new construction home, you can find many options through Pulte. But it’s important for you to put your safety first and not do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. That’s why we’ve developed a couple of options for our customers to browse model homes near you, including our self-guided home tours and live video appointments.


In-Person Self Guided Tours

On your search for model homes near you, you might appreciate the opportunity to do a self-guided home tour. It means the chance to view a model home in person, without having to worry about person-to-person contact. In fact, we’ve actually had a few customers who have purchased a new construction home after completing a self-guided home tour.


You can start by browsing our homes online. We have several different communities to choose from, located in popular or up-and-coming cities all over the nation. After you find a few homes that interest you, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with one of our online sales specialists. You can communicate with your specialist via chat, text, or over the phone.


Your sales specialist can help you figure out which new construction model homes are available for a self-guided home tour. You might also notice a self-guided home tour button while you’re browsing through homes, which will make it clear that the home is available for a self-guided tour.


Pulte Digital Home Tours

If you don’t feel comfortable doing an in-person tour of model homes near you, you can also do a virtual tour. This option is great for people who don’t live in the same city that they are house shopping in. We’ve also sold new construction homes after a virtual tour and had customers walk away happy.


One of the great things about virtual tours is that you have the option to do a 360-degree virtual tour of many of our homes without waiting. All you have to do is click on the 360-degree virtual tour bar that’s located at the bottom of the picture of the new construction home where the option is available. If you don’t see this option, don’t worry. You can also schedule a live video appointment via call, text, or chat. During your live video tour, you’ll be connected to a new home specialist who will send you email instructions on how to complete your video appointment.


Another benefit of doing live video tours is that you’ll have the opportunity to spend more time looking at the features that interest you most. And you’ll be able to ask whatever questions might come up along the way.


If you aren’t convinced that self-guided home tours or virtual tours are the right way to explore model homes near you, that’s ok. In some areas, we do still have the opportunity to do a regular tour of our model homes. We just advise that you call in advance to make sure that the option is available, and to learn the best time to schedule your visit.


You can also get more information about doing virtual and self-guided home tours by visiting our site and browsing through some of the success stories that other customers have shared, after buying their new construction home following a virtual tour.


We understand that it might feel like a difficult time to buy a new home. But we also know that sometimes, life just can’t be put on hold. You can use these tips on shopping for homes online to learn more about the options you have while trying to find your dream home or find a new construction home that feels built to match your lifestyle by browsing our different home communities. Just remember to hang in there. Things will get better soon—and your future might be looking a lot cozier.



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Published 10.07.2021

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