Why Round Rock Could Be the Perfect Austin Suburb for You

So, why should you consider buying a home in Round Rock, TX? Well, for starters, Round Rock continues ranking on lists as one of the best places to live in the United States. On the surface, the town has a small-town, rustic feel, but a closer look reveals a contemporary vibe. While many factors play into Round Rock’s repeated ranking as a top US suburb for people at all stages of their lives, we want to outline our top choices for why you should call Round Rock—home.


Economic opportunity

The media cites Round Rock’s high household median income. Dell is the big name in the town, with its headquarters in the city, but Apple, Google, IBM, and SailPoint Technologies are all major employers. At the same time, the local government and residents are supportive of local small businesses. The Chamber of Commerce’s REV UP program intends to encourage entrepreneurship in the city.


Cost of living vs. downtown Austin

Cities are exciting places to live, but residents pay for their location. According to Best Places, living in Austin is 13.1 percent more expensive than Round Rock.


Housing costs

Housing costs are a leading reason why Austin is more expensive than Round Rock. Best Places found housing was 33.8 percent more in Austin. AreaVibes found the downtown cost of living was 49 percent higher than the Austin average.


A median home costs $369,000 in Austin, but $275,800 in Round Rock. When you look at a Round Rock new construction home, it’s still more affordable than Austin.


Transportation costs

Texas isn’t known for having excellent transportation and high walkability. The transportation cost of living is higher than the US average in both cities, but it is more favorable in Round Rock. Austin is more congested than Round Rock, increasing commute times, gas costs, and car insurance premiums. Round Rock’s new construction communities incorporate walkable areas into their design and planning, which reduces transportation costs and encourages outdoor recreation.


Proximity to Austin

One advantage of living in Round Rock living is its location to Austin. A nonstop drive from Round Rock to Austin city limits is about 19 minutes on the I-35N and US-290 route. The Austin Airport is just 24 miles, and usually around a 28-minute drive.


History of Round Rock, TX

Round Rock’s original settlement was what we call “Old Town” today. The community formed around a natural crossing point on Brushy Creek, which had a notable “round rock” feature. The railroad enticed the town moved two miles east. As the area grew through the years, modern Round Rock surrounded the original town.


Dell’s move to Round Rock in 1996 spurred the tech industry growth. Contemporary Round Rock is a tech center, with multiple software and hardware companies calling the city home.


Round Rock activities

While it’s easy to drive to Austin, Round Rock has plenty of attractions to keep you in town. A few highlights:

  • The Round Rock Express is the local AAA Minor league baseball team playing at Dell Diamond.
  • Rock’N River Water Park has countless slides and pools to cool off the family on the hottest summer days.
  • Brushy Creek Regional Trail is available for walkers and cyclists.
  • Round Rock Premium Outlets offers prime retail therapy at a convenient location.
  • Centennial Plaza is an outdoor performing arts venue hosting concerts and special events throughout the year.
  • Downtown Round Rock is a center of entertainment and dining experiences.


Round Rock education

Public or private, Round Rock’s youth have access to quality education. The Round Rock Independent School District has a high graduation rate and some of the state’s best performing schools.


Living in Round Rock, TX

Round Rock is a diverse community with something to offer everyone. Enjoy small town living with a short drive to a major metropolitan area and consider making a new home in Round Rock with one of our Pulte Home communities in and around area.  



Contributed to Your Home blog by Casey McKenna-Monroe

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Published 12.28.20

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