Spring Flower Arrangements: How to Arrange Spring Flowers 

Spring is in the air. Tree buds are turning into full-blown leaves, the grass is turning green and the drab grays and browns of winter are being replaced by beautiful fresh spring flowers. Now is the perfect time to bring a little of the outdoors inside, create a calming space and add some pleasant smells and a touch of color to your home. If you are new to flower arranging, here are some simple steps you can follow to create perfect arrangements.


Flower Arranging Supplies

The Essentials:

  • Green Floral Foam

  • Flower Food

  • Branch Cutters

  • Clear and Green Floral Tape

  • Vase

It all begins with having the right flower arranging supplies at hand. First, you will want to purchase some green floral foam and flower food and soak the foam in a mixture of water and flower food. The foam works to both hold the flowers in place and provide them with food and hydration so that your arrangement will last longer.

Next, you should invest in a good pair of branch cutters. While your kitchen scissors can get the job done, they will have trouble cutting through thicker stems and the blades can quickly become dull. A solid pair of cutters can handle woody branches with ease and prevent your hands from getting tired.

In addition, be sure to pick up both clear and green floral tape from your local craft store. The clear tape can be used to create grid patterns on the mouth of a vase to help hold flowers in place. Green floral tape is a unique self-adhering product that becomes sticky as it stretches. It is designed to be wrapped around stems and provides another way to secure flowers.

Finally, choose a vase that offers the right circumference and height to accommodate the size of the flower arrangement you want to create. Look for vases in fun, spring colors that will complement existing indoor décor and add to the overall look of the arrangement.


Choosing Your Spring Flowers

Choosing the best spring flowers for your arrangement is simple: look for flowers that are in season in your area of the country. Not only will these flowers be less expensive, they will make your arrangement more personal. Lisianthuses, dahlias, hydrangeas and gardenias are all common spring flowers that will work well and should be readily available. Also, keep in mind that you will want to choose one primary color to anchor the arrangement and add about two accent colors. This combination will provide the right amount of contrast without looking too busy.

Once you have your flower arranging supplies and your flowers have been chosen, you are ready to start arranging.

Step 1: Cut Stems Diagonally

Cutting the stems at an angle creates a larger surface area so that more water can be absorbed, and the arrangement will last longer.

Step 2: Arrange the Largest Flowers First

Start with the largest blooms to create the main focal point.

Step 3: Add Smaller Flowers

Use smaller flowers to fill-in around the largest flowers to create a full look.

Step 4: Use Odd Number of Flowers

An odd number of flowers creates a more natural look and helps avoid a final product that looks too neat and orderly.

Step 5: Add Texture

This is where you can really get creative. The best flower arrangements make use of both color and texture. Think about incorporating materials like glass and wood for a more complex arrangement. Remember that you aren’t limited to only including flowers and greenery in your piece.

Creating spring flower arrangements should be a fun and relaxing activity that brings you a little closer to nature and celebrates the beginning of a new season. Don’t be intimidated by the process or worry about the details too much. Experiment with different flower, color and texture combinations and no matter what you create, it is bound to look beautiful and serve as a reminder of long summer days yet to come.


Contributed to Your Home blog by Amy Blitchok

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Published 4.15.19

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