How is a Smart Home Built? Learn About the Process

Energy efficiency, safety, and convenience -- the benefits of smart home technology extend to so many aspects of your everyday life. If you are interested in building a smart home, you’re in the right place. Pulte is the industry leader in smart home design, offering a variety of ground-up options so that your smart home setup is truly integrated into the design of your home -- and your life there.


Leading the Push for Smart Home Innovation

Unlike other builders and developers, Pulte isn’t just adding a few superficial smart home bells and whistles in the last stages of your home’s design. We are the leaders in fully integrated smart home design. That means that we build-in and optimize smart home elements throughout the home design process.


Pulte’s Altus at the Quarter is Atlanta’s first smart community, a 46-home community developed and designed in cooperation with Georgia Power. It boasts exceptional energy efficiency and the most current technological innovations to create a fully realized smart home experience.


Featuring solar panels, in-home energy storage, voice-activated security features, smart locks, and smart lighting, Altus at the Quarter homes are designed for optimal efficiency, safety, and convenience. They are then analyzed on an ongoing basis for insight into the best and most effective emerging technologies in order to fuel further innovation and improvement.


Smart home design at this scale means we’re not just reacting to the market -- we’re creating the future of innovation. By driving innovation, we can ensure that we’re making the right improvements for you and your family.


What about a Smart Home Differs from a Regular Home?

In a traditional home, creating elements of a smart home ecosystem can be costly, time consuming, and difficult. Why? Because attempting to retrofit new elements -- and make them work together seamlessly -- is more difficult in an older home.


When Pulte creates a smart home, the design and integration is built in, so you know that the various elements of your smart home system will work together the way they’re meant to, right from the start.


Smart Home Foundations

Stellar performance for your smart home begins with the infrastructure -- the wiring for Wi-fi and the access point distribution. When the signal works, your smart home appliances work as well, and communication among your various systems becomes seamless and consistent.


Our premium wiring infrastructure is faster and more efficient, ensuring that there is no lag in performance and communication between your smart home’s elements. You can depend on your smart home’s elements because they work the way they were designed to, every time.


Smart Home Features

From climate control through your smart thermostat to smart security with automated door locks and a smart garage door opener, you’ll experience an easier and more convenient way of living. Because of its upgraded infrastructure, all of those smart features will work reliably and consistently.


Smart home technology includes voice controls for many elements of your smart home automation. Not sure how to set up your smart home technology? Our White Glove service ensures that every element of your smart design is fully optimized and ready to use -- and that you know how to use it.


Additional Options

Smart lighting options allow you to control your home’s lighting, including shutting off unneeded fixtures even when you’re away from home. Smart audio allows you to enjoy your favorite music, audiobooks, or podcasts from anywhere. Smart kitchen appliances provide ease, convenience, and money-saving efficiency when running your home.


Smart switches and USB ports allow you to add new smart elements to your home design. That means that as new technologies and features arrive, you’ll be able to integrate the latest innovations to your home’s system.


Coming home to your Pulte smart home is a pleasure, and every day you’ll find new ways to enjoy the possibilities of your smart home automation. Whether it’s setting the lighting and music for a party or turning off a forgotten appliance with a convenient app on your phone, you’ll be glad for the comfort and convenience you’ll only find in a Pulte smart home design.


Not sure where to start? Check out our smart home FAQ and learn more about how Pulte is paving the way for the industry by making your life easier, more fun, and more convenient than ever.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Christy Murdock Edgar

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Published 8.26.19

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