Home Buying Process

Starting the home buying process is an adventure. Whether you’re buying your first home or just having your first go with the new construction home buying process, we’re here to help. We’ll walk you through the steps to buying a home, from looking for a new home to closing, so that you can feel confident every step of the way.


New Construction Home Buying Process

Buying a new construction home is pretty similar to buying an existing home, but with a few extra things to get excited about. If you’re new to the home buying process in general, don’t worry about it. We’ll offer extra tips below for buying your first home further down.


But first, let’s talk about new construction. A big part of the new construction home buying process depends on which of the new home builders near you that you decide to work with. It’s good to shop around and find someone you feel comfortable with, but there are a few questions you might ask, like what type of warranty they offer. A 10-year structural warranty is a good place to start.


Here’s a bit what the new construction home buying process might look like:

1. Browse homes online

New home builders typically offer the ability to search the types of homes you’re looking for online. This makes it convenient to look at different communities and the types of amenities they might offer.


2. Talk with a sales associate

If you find a home you like, you’ll probably want to learn more about it. You can do this by talking to a sales specialist, usually online or by making an appointment over the telephone. When you meet with your sales associate, you’ll probably have the opportunity to view a few different model homes in person.


3. Pick a layout

When working with new home builders, you’ll probably have the opportunity to choose from a few different communities. Within those communities, you can usually choose between different layouts as well. Lay out options might include a single or double garage, number of bedrooms, the type of bathroom you have, and more.


4. Select an exterior

Your new home builders might also offer different home exteriors. This is your chance to make your home feel unique to you. Different options might include different roof selections, paint colors, or exterior textures.


5. Work with a field manager

Once you’ve picked out some of the bigger details, it will be time to start the construction part of the home buying process. At this point, you’ll meet with your field manager. This is the person who you’ll be able to ask questions to, and who will guide you through the construction process—they’ll keep you up-to-date with the daily progress of your home.


6. Think about interior design

With big things like layout out of the way, you’ll still have some smaller decisions to make—like the type of countertops you might want, or the flooring you prefer. You might also select appliances at this stage.


7. Furniture layout

As new construction continues, some home builders will offer you the opportunity to do things like plan out your furniture online. This is a great way to get ideas about how you’ll decorate your new space. It also gives you the opportunity to purchase furniture in advance, so everything is ready for you when you move in.


8. Call for a celebration

This entire process can take as few as four months to complete, which is a big advantage of choosing to work with a home builder instead of trying to build a home from scratch. Once your home is complete, you’ll be ready to move-in and start your new life adventure.



Buying Your First Home

There are a few steps to buying a new home. If you’re buying your first home, you probably have all sorts of questions about the home buying process. Working with new home builders can make some of the hard questions easier to answer, though.


You can also find additional resources from your new home builders—some may have in-house lenders that can help you figure out how much home you can afford, in addition to mortgage calculators, and other resources for new home buyers.  We can also help you out with these steps to buying a new home.


The home buying process doesn’t have to be hard, even if you’re buying a new construction home. It might seem like the steps to buying a new home are endless, but at the end of the day you’ll find it’s an exciting journey with all sorts of adventure in store.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Brittney Villalva

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Published 7.28.2021

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