A Guide for Touring New Home Communities & Model Homes

On the hunt for new construction homes? All new home communities may have a different approach to the home buying process, but there are a few basic steps they have in common. In this article, we’ll help walk you through the basics and explain more about the Pulte process, so you can get a better idea of how to optimize your search for new construction homes.

Browse Locations Online

The best place to start your search for new home construction is online. You can search for new home construction, new home communities, or new home builders either near you or in the zip code that you’re interested in living in. These searches might draw you to a specific new home community website or broader real estate search sites.


Broader search sites can help you narrow down which new home communities you’re interested in, but once you’ve picked a couple that you like it’s probably better to search for your new home directly from the site.


From the site, you can search homes in a select area and expand your search from there depending on the home builders you’ve chosen to work with.


Shop Different Home Designs

Once you’ve found a home site that you like in the right location, you might also be able to browse different home designs. Different home designs might offer a different number of bedrooms or bathrooms, or you might also find a different floor plan or home layout.


There is no right floor plan, just one that works for you. When trying to figure out the correct layout, search for flexibility and areas that will help you stay organized. Pulte offers options like an Everyday Entryway®, which serves as a mudroom and area for your family to keep all of their coats, shoes, and other items in one place. Or the Pulte Planning Center® which is great for those who work from home or need a home office area.


Get a Closer Look at the Design You Love

Even before you schedule a home tour, you might be able to get a closer look at some of your favorite new home communities. Different new home construction sites now offer virtual tours or the opportunity to look through interactive plans. You can also schedule video tours if you’re interested in a more personal experience without having to go.


Or you don’t have to wait. Pulte allows you to schedule tours online via chat or by phone, with opportunities for guided or self-guided tours.

From One to Done

Once you’ve found the one, things can go a few different ways. If the home you want is available, it might be time to start talking to a mortgage company. Pulte offers an in-house mortgage solution if you’re looking to take care of everything to complete your dream home purchase in one place. Of course, it’s good to do your due diligence and make sure you find a mortgage company that you can trust.


If the home you want isn’t available, you may have to put your name on a waiting list. Or sometimes, new home communities haven’t opened yet, and putting your name on a list helps ensure you’ll get the home you want when it becomes available.


Whether you’re buying a home for the first time or simply following through on your dream new home construction plans, looking for new construction homes is the first step. Hopefully, this guide will help you navigate the process and find the home you’re looking for.



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Published 9.1.2021

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