Explore Orange County's Exclusive Beaches

On your search for new homes for sale in Orange County, you’ve probably done a fair amount of research around Orange County beaches, or California beaches in general. With this guide, we’ll explore Orange County’s most exclusive beaches.

Bolsa Chica State Beach

Nestled between San Diego to the south and Los Angeles to the north, Orange County offers a little bit of something for every walk of life. And for some, its most winning feature is its laid-back sophistication. The OC is a great place for enjoying a classy, beachside dinner. But first, why not spend the day sunbathing and soaking in the sun's rays?


A popular state beach, Bolsa Chica draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to its location south of the community of Sunset Beach in Orange County. Formerly known as the "Tin Can Beach", it’s a popular spot for surfers and sunbathers alike. Parking is $16 and the lot can fill up fast, but locals describe it as a chill spot that’s perfect for spending a little quality time in the sun.


They also offer bonfire setups, although most of the bonfires get swept up before 11 am, so you should plan on making a day of it. Luckily, there are bathrooms on-site and nearby. Overall, people say the beach is clean and well maintained. It also offers showers and there are restaurants nearby, so you can move straight from sunbathing to a nice night on the town if you pack cleverly.


Huntington Beach

While there are many Orange County attractions to compete with, surfing is the most important one for a lot of Orange County locals. And many people make the trip to Orange County regularly for its remarkable waves.


While it’s almost too obvious to mention Huntington Beach, it just has to be done—particularly because it's also nicknamed “Surf City, USA” and hosts the yearly U.S. Open of Surfing on the south side of the pier. And though it might also be coined a tourist trap, waves range anywhere from two to six feet with the right wind, plus public parking is the same as it is anywhere, despite its massive reputation. All of that said, not everyone is welcoming to the large crowds—stingrays being among the loudest objectors. Their presence can make entering the beach a tricky feat.


Like other public beaches in the area, restrooms are pretty accessible and you can find other activities outside of surfing to partake in. Nearby, you’ll also find the pedestrian-friendly Downtown Main Street. There you’ll find loads of options for dining and shopping.


Newport Municipal Beach

While not an Orange County beach exactly, it's worth mentioning Newport Municipal Beach if you’re on the search for new homes for sale in the Orange County area. Since there aren’t many new homes available in Orange County, the city of Irvine is a popular backup plan. Since it’s inland, you won’t find anything that’s directly on the beach there. But there are several beach options nearby—including Newport.


Newport Municipal Beach is located on both sides of the Newport Beach Pier. The beaches are continuous here and the city beach stretches from Balboa Pier Beach to the south all the way to West Newport Park to the north, with a picturesque wooden fishing pier offering wonderful views up and down the shoreline. There are plenty of restaurants and shops nearby, plus a biking and running trail. Another thing that might make this beach worth the Orange County escape is that it’s dog-friendly as long as you keep your dog on a leash.


Plus there are still surfing options if that’s what you’re after. And seafood lovers will appreciate the proximity of the Dory Fleet Fish Market, which sells its fresh catches daily.


In terms of Orange county attractions, Orange County beaches may be one of the most popular. Although amusement parks and the Orange County golf scene offer up some serious competition. But if you’re considering a new home for sale in Orange County, you shouldn’t overlook other California beaches—there are definitely some hiding gems. Start designing your home in the Orange County area today and open your world up to endless beach sides and long walks along the water.



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Published 9.14.2021

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