5 Ways to Enjoy Your Backyard During Mosquito Season

As warm weather arrives and makes no plans to leave, it's equal parts important to arrange your backyard in such a way that you can enjoy your space while knowing how to repel mosquitoes. It's always surprising that such tiny, annoying creatures can be harbingers of disease and, at best, mild discomfort. Still, mosquitoes are considered one of North America's most dangerous pests because of their ability to carry West Nile virus and other illnesses.


If you're concerned about throwing a backyard event because of a mosquito infestation, or have tried some of the below solutions and aren't satisfied, you can call in professional help with a mosquito control service. Pest control technicians will complete a thorough property inspection before preparing a mosquito treatment plan that will work for your new home.


Want to try more of a DIY approach? Read on to learn how to keep mosquitoes away while enjoying your backyard to its fullest this summer.


Construct a Fire Pit

When in doubt, smoke 'em out. Mosquitoes are repelled by smoke, and fire pits are great, aesthetic additions to your backyard. The dual entertainment centers and statement pieces serve both form and function, becoming great tools for outdoor entertaining. If you have a new home or are constructing one, you may have already had a fire pit built into your backyard, considering they've become such fan favorites in recent years.


Whether you're planning on using your fire pit for evening cocktails and s'mores while repelling mosquitoes, or want it as an extra source of heat during cooler spring and fall temperatures, there are so many fire pit options out there. Feeling industrious and want to build one yourself? Check out this handy guide on how to build a fire pit in 5 easy steps.


Make a DIY Movie Theater with Citronella Candles

If you want to take the fun outside, arrange your deck or patio furniture to face the side of your house or a tarp you've hung up. Make sure it's out of the way of house lights, street lights, and any car lights from traffic.


To set up the projector, connect the video signal from your DVD player to the projector, and then connect the audio from your DVD player to computer speakers. The light from the screen may attract mosquitoes and other bugs, so make sure you have plenty of Citronella candles out to deter the pests and add ambient lighting that won't detract from the screen.


Lawn Games + Bug Spray

Who doesn't love lawn games? If you have ample outdoor space, this one is a must for outdoor summer entertaining, or to simply enjoy an engaging afternoon at home.


All of the following lawn games are easily purchased from most online retailers (and to be perfectly honest, are pretty Instagrammable). Make sure you give plenty of bug spray and sunscreen to all participants before playing.



A badminton net is an easy set-up that can last for a few months, and occupy larger groups thanks to the sport's team dynamic.



Bocce sets are easily transportable and won't destroy your lawn. You can purchase a Bocce boundary set in addition to the balls, but can easily DIY your own if you don't feel like making the game too official.



Croquet sets offer unlimited hours of fun and sport. You can opt for kids' mallets if you're worried about the little ones getting a tad too competitive, and there are tons of adult options as well.


Install Yellow Outdoor Lights

If you're purchasing a new home, make sure the outdoor lights are yellow instead of incandescent options because they attract fewer bugs. If it's a new construction home, then build it into your plan and thank yourself later.


Get Rid of Stagnant Water

All it takes is a little bit of stagnant water for mosquitoes to lay eggs and populate your backyard. Periodically check your surroundings and dump out any accumulating rainwater to help reduce the number of mosquitoes that are moving in, rent-free.


Some common places to check for stagnant water include:

  • Trash cans and buckets
  • Birdbaths (clean out regularly both for the birds' sake and yours)
  • Tarps
  • Pots and planters around your garden
  • Gutters

….and literally anything that will hold water after rain. Kids' toys are a surprising culprit.


Now go on and enjoy your backyard to the fullest, mosquito-free. 



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Published 5.3.2020

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