2021 Home Lighting Ideas and Trends

Exploring home lighting ideas is an excellent way to add more character or create the illusion of more space in your home. With a mixture of natural light and home lighting fixtures, create the level of depth you’re looking for. Or use home lighting automation to modernize your space and catch up to the most popular trends of 2021.

Home Lighting Ideas

Consider these ideas for creating areas that feel spacious and multi-dimensional.

Balancing Natural Light

Use natural light to create a more spacious feel in your home. Just be cautious of temperature and glare. Using natural light is more eco-friendly, but the effects of natural light can be warming. Large windows can also create too much light, which can lead to glare.


The best way to mediate these problems is by diffusing the light. You can do this with light-colored curtains that allow some light to pass through without filtering out all of the light.


Creating Spaces with Light Blends

Don’t rely on a single type of light to light up your space. Different layers of light at different levels can help create more space. It can also help designate space better for different purposes. This is especially true in open concept floor plans. In your living room, blend a ceiling light with a floor lamp to create a feeling of coziness.


Hues to Match Your Mood

Use different hues of light to set the mood. LEDs offer many variations of hues, from warm white to amber. Use whites to help increase your focus and ambers to create a sense of warmth. Also be careful to pick light fixtures that match the hues you’re trying to use.


Home Lighting Trends

Try a new approach to lighting with these 2021 lighting trends.

Make it a Statement Piece

Larger light fixtures can go well in open floor plans or larger spaces. And they are especially nice if you have tall ceilings. Use these larger pieces to create gathering spaces or more defined areas within a large room.

Metal Finishes

Farmhouse and industrial styles have been big over the past couple of years. As these trends continue, lighting fixtures that mix tones like brass or copper with black have also become increasingly popular. This type of lighting can be great for accent pieces like bedside lamps or mixed-material floor lamps.

Beyond the Fixture

Bulbs are also having their moment in 2021. The Edison bulb, in particular, that reveals an attractive bare filament. These bulbs come in different shapes and sizes and can be paired with the right fixture to create a more vintage look. Or used to dangle from the ceiling for a more industrial style. You can also choose different types of glass finishes to alter the effect of the light—think a soft diffuse or warm glow.

Home Lighting Automation

Smart home automation continues to grow as a popular trend in homes. Smart home features include voice-activated controls and mobile-controlled locks. Adding to these trends is home lighting automation.


Automated lights are popular in entryways, making it simpler to arrive home and unlock your door. But they can also be useful in bathrooms, hallways, or utility closets. Or you can use home lighting automation in temporary situations, like setting a time on your light or controlling it from your phone while you’re out of town so your home never looks empty.


There are plenty of home lighting ideas worth browsing across the internet. Use these home lighting ideas and trends above to help transform your space into the perfect design. And don’t forget that you can use home lighting automation on almost any of these trends to make your home a more convenient and modern space.



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Published 8.27.2021

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