Why Consider Open Floor Plans

Not sure about having an open floor plan layout? If you’ve never worked with an open floor plan design, it might seem like a lot at first. While an open floor plan can feel spacious and provide flow, they do come with their drawbacks. Read on to learn more about open floor plans and discover just a few reasons why an open floor plan concept might be exactly what your family needs.


What is an Open Floor Plan?

An open concept floor plan, or open floor plan layout, usually refers to some combination between the living room, kitchen and dining space—combined, this is sometimes called a “great room.” Open floor plan designs first became popular in the 90’s and are really a departure from older homes which often separate these rooms with full or half walls.


Benefits of Open Floor Plans

So, what is an open floor plan good for, and why have they become so popular? While there are a many benefits to open floor plan layouts, here are two of the best benefits.


Better Flow

An open floor plan design can make life simpler and provide you with seamless flow throughout the main living areas of your house. Without walls and doors in the way, it’s easier to navigate and multitask—you can prepare dinner and watch the kids at the same time, entertain friends while serving them drinks, or carry in the groceries without bumping into each other.


It’s also easier to create a flow with your design, which can leave a captivating impression. Large statement pieces in the center of the room can capture attention immediately as your guests enter. With home décor accents that complement the main idea, an open floor plan design can feel more awe-striking.


Better Flexibility

Life happens and plans change. Open concept floor plans have the flexibility to change with you. With the right design elements, you can make the most of your living space so it works for you right now, and tomorrow. When your kids are younger, having a play space could make more sense than a formal dining room. But once your kids are out of the house, you might prefer to use that space for entertainment or a home office. With open concept floor plans, the plan is up to you.


Drawbacks of Open Floor Plans

As you’re working with home builders on your new home, it’s important to consider what the drawback of an open floor plan design might be. That doesn’t have to mean deciding against one, but it’s good to know how to pick the right floor plan for you.


Visible Mess

An open floor plan could make it harder to hide a mess and without the right organization system, things could quickly get out of hand. But the good news is that you can work with your home builders to help come up with a floor plan or organization option that will help. Entryway mudrooms are a great place to start. You can also use furniture and home accents to create hidden organization opportunities and dedicated spaces for completing different tasks.


Consider dedicating different areas of your space to different needs. With the right organization tools, some of these spaces can have a couple of purposes—like a crafting area and homework space, with a cubby shelf that stores materials for both in different cubbies.


Not as Cozy

Wide open spaces can also lack a certain amount of coziness. The best way to combat this is to select the right home accents and plan out your lighting to create an inviting and warm atmosphere. By adding layers of lighting to your space, you can easily add warmth and cut out spaces that draw people in. While home accents can provide spaces for people to relax.


As a word of caution, while home accents can help create a cozy space, don’t go overboard or your nice open space will quickly start to feel cluttered. Find a balance that works for you, and consider leaning on home accents with a purpose, like rugs, which can break up the space and are easily swappable.


Open floor plan designs can be a little intimidating to work with because you have a lot more space to account for, but a well-designed layout can also give your family the flexibility it needs to grow into a space. Work with your home builders to talk about your different options and find the option that suits your family best.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Brittney Villalva

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Published 7.28.2021

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