Pulte's Top Floor Plan Features for 2022

Pulte floor plans are innovative, flexible, and designed to match your lifestyle. For over 70 years we’ve taken the feedback from our customers to incorporate your most-asked-for features, like office space, a more organized entry, and increased storage. As a result, no matter what features you’re after, at Pulte you’ll always find more life built in.


Here is a look at some of our most asked for features in 2022, many of which are included in several of our popular home floor plans.


Dedicated Office Space

As working from home has increased in popularity, we’ve been quick to make sure that our Pulte floor plans are ready to work with you. That includes incorporating a dedicated office space so you can separate your work life from your home life when you have to. And we didn’t stop there. Our homes come pre-wired for an advanced wi-fi connection—or connect to a hardwired internet outlet for even more consistent connectivity when you need it most. Plus, most of our communities include a fiber network that provides fast, reliable multi-user internet.


You’ll also be able to ditch your adapters with fast charging USB outlets, built-in to create a clutter-free charging station that powers you through even the toughest days.


Healthier Living

Your home should feel like your safe space. At Pulte, none of our modern floor plans would feel complete without some consideration around how to create an overall healthier environment. To do that, we’ve elevated our open concept kitchen floor plans by introducing antimicrobial quartz countertops that help block bacteria, mold, and mildew from penetrating the surface.


You’ll can also enjoy a whole-house Water filtration System that helps with the removal of chemicals, sediment and other contaminants—for cleaner water from every faucet in your home. And to stop the transmission of bacteria from dirty hands, consider a touchless faucet upgrade that allows you to control your faucet hands-free.


Upgraded Mudrooms

Get the organization you need from a Pulte floor plan with our Everyday Entryway®. An essential feature for almost any open floor plan—our Everyday Entryway creates an organized space for backpacks, shoes, jackets, and all of the other clutter that sometimes follows a long day out. Need a place to sit and take off dirty shoes? No problem. Our Everyday Entry enhanced mudroom design makes it simpler for you to stay organized and keep a clutter-free home.


Pulte Kitchenology™

What would a modern floor plan be without the kitchen of your dreams? All of our Pulte floor plans include a little thing we like to call Kitchenology. Every Pulte home comes equipped with a kitchen that exemplifies our high standards for quality and design. But with Kitchenology™, you’ll also gain the ability to personalize your kitchen to your needs.


We’ve interviewed thousands of people about what they wanted and needed most in their kitchens, and worked those things out with our in-house architects, kitchen designers, partners, and vendors to curate a selection of innovative kitchen designs for you to choose from.


Increased Flexibility

Open floor plans are a great way to add more natural light to your space, but they can come with the added challenge of how to stay organized. That’s why our Pulte floor plans come with built-in flexible spaces. Whether it’s extra room in a finished basement, loft space, or room to stretch out outside—we’ve built more flexibility into each floor plan so that your home is adaptable to your needs, even as those needs change.



Find the modern floor plans of your dreams with some of these top floor plan features for 2022 and discover the Pulte difference with enhanced flexibility, innovation, and more life built-in. Visit a Pulte new construction community near you to see our smartly designed floor plans in action.



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Published 12.14.2021

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