Kitchen Design Ideas for 2022

Kitchen Layout Ideas

If you’re looking for kitchen design ideas that inspire a major change, then perhaps you should consider switching up your layout. This is a great way to make your kitchen more functional while also adding a more modern flair.

The Island

Starting with the most common kitchen layout idea, kitchen islands might be one of the most sought-after kitchen features of all time, and with good reason. They can double your counter space, increase your amount of cabinet storage, and even add extra seating. But don’t fret if this project sounds a little too major for your budget. There are plenty of budget-friendly ways to design the perfect kitchen layout and add a kitchen island to your space. This works particularly well if you’re starting with an l-shaped kitchen. Many pre-made kitchen islands can be bought online. Or if having an island custom-island built is out of budget, but you have some pretty specific needs—you can always explore DIY options.

The Peninsula

Similar to the kitchen island in terms of what this kitchen layout idea has to offer, the peninsula has a bracket shape that can make it even easier to add more seating to your space. And in some cases, you can employ a double peninsula, which gives the effect of a central island. Another great thing about a double peninsula is that it can divide your space into key areas—making it possible to have something like a prep area or coffee station in addition to a working or seating area.


Still not sure what will work best for you? Check out our blog: Kitchen Island vs Kitchen Peninsula.


Kitchen Spruce Up Ideas

Looking for kitchen design ideas that are a little less intense then a full kitchen layout overhaul? Here are a few suggestions that can help you transform your kitchen on a smaller budget.

Try a Cabinet-makeover

Maybe the easiest way to rehaul the look of your kitchen—if you can’t afford to swap out your cabinets you can always swap out your cabinet doors. Pro tip? Save the hardware. That is, if you plan on pulling out the doors completely. You don’t have to, though. Painted kitchen cabinets are an easy way to make an update. A coat of paint and new handles could do the job and have you feeling like you have a brand new kitchen. But, if you want to completely replace your doors, consider saving the hinges. This could mean having to drill some new holes, but cabinet hinges can get pricey so it might be worth the extra time.

Wall-paper accents

Adding wallpaper to create a feature wall is a great way to add a splash of color or personality to your kitchen space. If you really want to enhance the look, you can also find coordinating paint colors, then add a few decór accents that bring out some of the less highlighted colors. Use bright or neon colors to create a fun vibe or natural elements to create an organic-feeling space.

Kitchen Appliances

Your refrigerator never used to be the most attractive feature of your kitchen, but now it can be. Kitchen appliances have gotten surprisingly attractive and picking a theme or color of appliances can significantly change its look and feel. Things to consider: an all-chrome look, which now is available in stainless steel, copper, or even black chrome. Or if you aren’t a fan of the metal look, you can always consider going vintage. Other options to consider are electric vs gas stoves, convection ovens and more.


Is your kitchen just not your dream kitchen? If you’re struggling to achieve the type of kitchen you want, maybe it’s time to consider a new home. With Pulte Kitchenology, you can have more say over your kitchen layout. Plus options for the type of countertops you want. And most of our new construction homes come with upgraded kitchen appliances—so you can enjoy both elegance and function.



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Published   12.09.21

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