How to Make Cleaning Fun & Easy

Cleaning is not always an easy task, and it certainly is not always fun. Sometimes even a glimpse at the daunting task of cleaning the whole house can lead to feeling overwhelmed, and may prompt you to put it off “just one more week”. However, with school year finally coming to a close, now is a great time to get things de-cluttered (with the kids help) and well-organized so summer can feel like a breeze.


Who could not use a hand with cleaning? Between the kids, toys, old paperwork, dust that has accumulated, and old clothes that are taking up space, many do not even know where to begin.


Generate some cleaning motivation with these 5 fun cleaning tips and learn how to make cleaning fun and easy:


1. Play Music

Make a fun, upbeat playlist of music that gets you moving or find one on most popular music streaming channels. Research has shown that music serves as a “good distraction”, one that deters your attention away from the specific task you're doing and makes you less aware of physical exertion. This, in turn, allows you to keep the energy up to get your house clean! Have the whole family join in by playing something up-beat that everyone can sing along and dance to while they clean. Playing your favorite music is not just a fun cleaning tip, but can also be used as a form of cleaning motivation.


2. Turn It into A Workout

Who said cleaning had to just benefit the house? Cleaning is a great opportunity to get a workout in! Turn it into a workout by using a pedometer or smart watch to keep track of your movements. You can also burn extra calories by using some ankle weights or a weighted vest. Make sure to wear comfortable, loose clothing, and crank up the music for some added cleaning motivation!


Not sure what to tackle first?


Here are some calorie references for various tasks around the house:


If you have an hour:

  • Vacuuming—153 calories
  • Mopping— 168 calories
  • Dusting— 174 calories


If you only have 30 minutes:

  • Cleaning the bathroom —200 calories
  • Mowing the lawn — 185 calories
  • Loading the dishwasher — 105 calories


Each task adds up, so when you’re done — reward yourself!


3. Prep for Pauses

Always remember to take breaks every 30 minutes or so during vigorous cleaning. The goal is to clean the house, but you also want to keep it fun for the family. Having healthy, energizing snacks, and cold water are great options to restore your energy during breaks. Although not the most fun cleaning tip, this is important to ensure that you don't burn yourself out while cleaning. Taking a break and allowing yourself to come back refreshed and tackle the task at hand can help maintain your cleaning motivation.


4. Make It a Game

A fun cleaning tip is to make the entire activity a game. What better way is there to keep the families cleaning motivation up than with a game? Try keeping a chart where each task is assigned a certain number of points. The winner gets a prize! This fun cleaning tip can also be a great form of cleaning motivation for those not-so-fun tasks, such as cleaning the bathroom or clearing the gutters, and can help keep even the adults motivated.


5. Purchase and Use Good Cleaning Products

Nothing beats coming home to a clean house, and investing in good quality cleaning products can help make your home look and smell wonderful. Ensuring that the cleaning products and tools you use are safe around your children and pets is also important to keeping a clean, happy, and healthy home.


Some of our favorite natural brands include:

  • R Watkins
  • Method
  • Seventh Generation
  • Bronners
  • Green Works

Fun Housekeeping Tips by Pulte

Now that you know how to make cleaning fun for the whole family, go ahead and get started! It will be a fun experience, and you will find that your cleaning has never been easier. If you find you need to make some repairs along the way, click here to find some easy home care guides!



Contributed to Your Home blog by Joshlin Grayson

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Published 6.7.19

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