How to Clean Tile Floors

There’s nothing like the feeling of walking into a clean house that smells fresh, and seeing floors that shine beneath your feet. However, many people don’t recognize some of the dos and don’ts to floor cleaning, and end up using the wrong cleaning agents and detergents for their floors. Just as you wouldn’t clean your toilet with body wash, or wash your car with dish detergent, you shouldn’t clean your floors with just any type of solution. That is especially true with tile flooring. Proper tile cleaning can be fast and easy, and will keep your tile floors shining like new and help them last for years to come.


So, what should you keep in mind? It’s important to remember that all tile floors are not created equal, and cannot be cleaned as such. While tile floors are indeed durable, they are made of different substances which may require different care. For example, ceramic and porcelain floors require different cleaning solutions than granite and marble. Resilient floors like linoleum can handle light abrasive scrubbing to get dirt and grime out, however, the same treatment toward a natural stone floor such as slate or marble will scratch and damage the finish. Let’s explore some of the best ways to clean tile floors:


How to Clean Ceramic and Porcelain Floors

Start by sweeping or vacuuming your tile floor on a regular basis to prevent your floor from growing dull and dingy. Use a mild detergent with a rag or chamois mop to remove dirt and grime from your floors surface without using too much solution. Sponge mops aren’t the most suitable for these types of floors because they tend to push cleaning solution into grout lines, turning them colors. Once your floors are clean, don’t let them air dry. Run a dry, lint-free cloth across your floor immediately after cleaning your floors.


How to Clean Stone Floors such as Granite, Marble and Slate

For natural stone floors, avoid acidic detergents and cleaning solutions that contain lemon, and vinegar, as these ingredients can tarnish the finish of your beautiful tile floors. Instead, look for a pH balanced detergent that is suitable for the type of tile that you have. Be sure that once you begin mopping, you ensure that you only use enough solution to clean the surface of the floor and not saturate it. Use a non-abrasive mop to do the cleaning and ensure that you dry your floors once you are finished cleaning.


How to Clean Resilient Floors

Vinyl Flooring

Linoleum and vinyl flooring are both very resilient and both low maintenance but require very different maintenance. With vinyl flooring, cleaning is as simple as a regular vacuuming, and sweeping to remove loose dirt. To clean, a simple water and vinegar solution will suffice to clean floors.



For linoleum flooring, be sure to sweep the floor clean of loose dirt and debris. After sweeping, clean the floor with a solution formulated specially for linoleum floors or a Borax and water mixture. Linoleum flooring is a low maintenance, durable flooring surface but requires a fresh coat of wax or buff every three to six months to keep it looking its best.


How to Clean Tile Grout

Removing pesky stains in tile grout can be an eyesore, especially if the stain contrasts greatly with the color of your grout or tile and is in a conspicuous area. However, cleaning tile grout is easy and inexpensive. Cleaning your tile grout thankfully doesn’t require a harsh chemical or pungent solution. To clean your grout tile, simply mix baking soda and water, making a paste, and rub it into the stain. Simply let the stain sit overnight and scrub it in the morning with a nylon brush. Be careful not to use a metal brush as this may scratch your tile or damage your grout. Boom! Your grout is now clean!


Clean tile floors is as simple as that! Though the thought of cleaning your floors may sound daunting, it is actually very simple and can actually be fun! Curious on how to clean the other floors in your home? No a problem! We have guides to help you clean any floor as well as maintain the flooring throughout your house.



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Published 7.5.19

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