Great Room Design Ideas for 2019

It’s the heart of the home and the perfect spot for warm family evenings, elegant formal entertaining, and all of the memory-making potential of home. Whether you use your great room as a formal space for guests or as a sprawling family room, you want it to look its best. That’s why we’ve got the best great room design ideas for your elegant and beautiful modern home.


Great Room Design Options

When designing a great room, you first want to think through the way you use the room and the type of style you want to communicate. There are a few things to consider in most great rooms in order to optimize the space and define the look.



Because of its high ceilings, large windows, and expansive space, a great room can sometimes feel cold, both literally and figuratively. Warming up the space can be as simple as a rich color on the walls, luxurious window treatments, or a carefully chosen rug. In addition, play with texture in upholstery and accessories to bring additional life and dimension to your design.



A great room often enjoys a great deal of daylight through large windows or glass doors. You’ll want to balance that daytime light with lighting options for the evening, as well. Spread light through the space with mirrors, shiny art objects, and metallic accessories. Bring in additional brightness in the evening with artificial lighting at a variety of levels, from chandeliers to tabletops to improve visibility along baseboards and shelves.



Many great rooms feature vaulted, cathedral, or tray ceilings, requiring that you consider scale when you choose your furniture and décor. Artwork, furniture, plants, and lighting should all take proportion into account in order to keep from being dwarfed by the size and height of the room. This is especially important in open-concept floorplan homes where high ceilings are matched by vast, open spaces.


Great Room Furniture

Great room furniture can fit any design aesthetic, from formal to casual, rustic to sophisticated. If you tend to use your great room as a more formal space for entertaining and guests, you may go for a more polished look with a variety of seating groups and an emphasis on traffic flow.


In this case, your furniture will probably be somewhat more elegant, with a variety of individual chairs with side tables clustered in conversation groups. If your great room opens onto an outdoor space, like a deck or terrace, you may want to coordinate the flow of the room with an orientation toward that space. This will facilitate indoor/outdoor entertaining and events and ensure seamless traffic flow between the two areas.


By contrast, if you use your great room as a family room or media room, you may be orienting the furniture toward an entertainment center, large wall-mounted television, or fireplace. You may want to opt for a large sectional sofa or other furniture designed for relaxation. Extra space may be devoted to a game table or to shelving and storage for books, games, extra pillows, and throws.


Great Room Décor and Accessories

Aside from the major furniture pieces, you’ll want to pay special attention to the style and accessories you choose in order to bring unity to such an oversized space. In order to keep the look cohesive, go for a monochromatic or limited color palette, with one or two dominant colors and an additional vibrant color used for occasional pops of brightness in throw pillows, picture frames, and artwork.


You may be tempted to layer a large number of accessories throughout the room in order to fill the space. However, this can result in a cluttered, messy look. Instead, ensure that the accessories you choose are of a sufficient size and scale in order to enhance the look without appearing jumbled.


Don’t forget to choose artwork of a proper scale, especially if you have high ceilings. Large mirrors, paintings, or even elegant art posters can fill an oversized wall with beauty and brightness.


Don’t let your great room languish as an afterthought in your design. Make it the spectacular showplace it was designed to be so that you, your family, and your friends will want to spend more time there. A beautifully decorated great room thus sets the tone for elegance and warmth throughout your home.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Christy Murdock Edgar

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Published 8.26.19

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