Best Fabric for Family Friendly Couches

Picking a couch for your family can be tough. You might really love that white microfiber couch, but between the family pet and a house full of kids, it’s probably not the best option. So what are some good options? We’ve got some tips to help you find the perfect fabric.


The first things that likely come to mind when picking out your next seating arrangement is if you like the color, the style, or if it matches the rest of your decor. One equally important question to consider is “which fabric is best for couches?” Leather may sound appealing to repel possible spills but can be prone to scratches and tears if you have animals. Patterned linen can mask stains, and can be a great choice if you have older children, but may hold odors if you have pets that like to climb on furniture. Let's dive in and explore your options for the perfect fabric for your next seating spot.



Leather furniture offers extreme durability and will last for years to come, making it ideal for family room couches. Leather’s surface also allows spills and messes to be easily wiped up, meaning if an accident occurs, a clean, dry sofa is just a paper towel away. Light colored leather sofas are also a good alternative to light fabric, as they are more stain and dirt resistant, and they can be just as aesthetically pleasing as cloth. As long as you condition it every so often, and don't mind running a duster over it every now and again, leather can be a great option as a seating surface.


Outdoor Fabric

Outdoor fabric is the most durable in the cloth world. Designed to take a beating and resist stains, outdoor fabric is not only perfect for your outdoor furniture, but for your indoor furniture as well. In addition to its tough nature, outdoor fabric is durable enough to scrub clean should any accidents occur. In addition to its stain resistance, outdoor fabric is perfect for those sunny family rooms, as it is also resistant to fading caused by sun exposure.


Patterned Linen

Pattered linen works well for masking stains and makes a great option for family friendly couches. Linen furniture provides a luxurious option for your family seating arrangements, and its pattern can help mask stains. Patterned linen also ages well, which means that in the years to come, it will still look fresh. Though not as durable for day to day usage like leather or outdoor fabric, linen furniture is still a great option if you are going for a high-end look.


Synthetic Fabrics and Blends

Synthetics and blends such as microfiber and nylon materials make great family-friendly couches, as they can be more durable and easier to clean than their natural linen counterparts. These synthetic fibers can also be woven to mimic the look of natural linen while costing less, however, be sure that the fabric is of good quality, as cheaper alternatives can wear faster than higher-quality couches and seating options.


We hope this guide was helpful in breaking down the different fabric options for you, and on your hunt, you can use the tools to find the perfect seating arrangement for your open living space.


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Published 5.23.19

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