Restyle Your Home Office: Design Tips for Your Home Office

Home offices are amazing conveniences, but as workhorses of the house, they can easily be overlooked and be in need of a refresh. A home office refresh doesn’t need to be expensive or extensive. In space as important as a home office, it is vital to have adequate lighting and an ergonomic work environment, as even unnoticed disturbances can affect your mood. When refreshing your home office, even small refreshments can improve your productivity immensely.


Here are 5 easy home office inspiration tips to keep your office and desk in style, and who knows, you may even become more productive with your fresh new space.

These 5 desk decorating ideas are not only easy, but inexpensive ways to refresh your home office and bring some newness to your work life!


Light, Light, Light

Studies have shown that lighting can increase or impact productivity. Natural light works great to boost productivity and keep your mood up, but when the sun goes down, it’s time to turn the lights on. When looking to brighten up your office, ensure that if your home office has ceiling lights, that you upgrade your bulbs. Florescent or LED 6500k lighting is ideal to mimic natural lighting. Though nothing can replace the sun, 6500k is great lighting for the home office and exudes cool hues, invoking productivity than relaxation. If your workspace doesn’t have ceiling lights, desk lamps with 6500k LED bulbs work wonderfully.


Add A Few Plants

Home office plants are another way to maintain motivation, keeping the energy in the room fresh. According to various studies, plants have the following positive impacts in a home office:

  • Plants have shown to remove toxins from the room and who doesn’t want that? Some of the best air-purifying plants include the easy to care for aloe vera.
  • Plants have proven to reduce ailments such as a headache, dry eyes, and cough.
  • Plants can reduce stress, increase productivity, boost mood, and improve perceptions of your workspace.


Who doesn’t want these amazing benefits in their workspace? Here are some of the most recommended plants to incorporate into your home office.

  • Spider Plant
  • Snake Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Boston Fern
  • Air Plants



Home office decor is a great way to spruce up an old workspace. Though home office decor is dependent on personal taste, some great ways to freshen up your space is to clear out clutter, and items in your office you don't need. Old books, papers, and multiple trinkets can bring your mood down, inadvertently distracting or tiring you. Aim for a clean workspace, decorated to your taste that is simple, clean, and ergonomic.


A few great ways to bring new decor into your space is to add a new rug or some energetic art on the walls. Don’t be afraid to add frames of all shapes sizes on your walls. This creates a non-formal, relaxed feel in your home office, engaging your mind, and stimulating your brain. If you’ve recently cleared your bookshelves of old books, don’t be afraid to place small plants or decor items on the shelves to boost the creative environment in the room. Decorating bookshelves can be fun. Plus, if you’re interested in decorating other parts of your home, check out our list of home decors do’s and don’t’s and top 10 indoor décor trends.


Mix the Old with the New

Office decoration is an important step in refreshing your space. However, when redecorating, you don’t have to get rid of everything and start with a blank slate. Oftentimes, old items can mix wonderfully with new items, making the entire space seem new. Before throwing out an old desk or bookshelf in your office, see if it can be moved, or if a few decor items would spruce it up. Sometimes bookshelves don’t need to be replaced but rather cleared. Other times, desks are perfectly fine, they just needed a clean slate with a new task lamp. Additionally, don’t be afraid to mix vintage pieces with modern decor items. This creates a timeless space that stays fresh.


Home Office Paint Colors

Changing your home office paint color can be one of the largest and most significant ways to change the feel of your home office, and boost your mood as well as your productivity. Color affects productivity immensely, and different hues will affect your mood and productivity differently. According to some experts, yellows and blues invoke creativity, while greens evoke a strong sense of balance.


Paint color also comes in many finish options. Paint finish is also equally as important as color, as glossy paints can evoke higher energy while matte or satin paints can exude more muted, relaxing tones.


Have you chosen the right color, but can’t decide on the perfect finish? No problem! Visit our guide on how to choose the right type of paint to get the perfect finish for every space in your home, including your home office!


There you have it! With these five easy steps, your home office can not only boost your productivity and mood but also add a little extra personality to your home.



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Published 6.16.19

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