Design Ideas for Your Florida Room

Many lucky Floridian homeowners have a Florida room. Usually, this flexible space is an extension of the main house. They're typically positioned in the rear of the home near the kitchen or off the living room. Not only are they wonderful additional spaces to have, but these rooms are also very useful. If you're one of those lucky Florida room owners looking for ideas to optimize that beautiful space, read on for information that will help you do just that.


Coming up with ideas on what to do with a Florida room can be a challenge sometimes. Other times, it's merely a matter of deciding which direction you want to take. In this blog, we'll provide tips to help you make the most of your Florida room and find a use that's perfect for you. Even if you're not a Floridian, you can apply most of this information to an indoor/outdoor space in your home, like a screened-in porch or a three-seasons room.


What is a Florida Room?

The term "Florida room" is a colloquial name given to enclosed porch additions in Florida homes. These porches are also called solariums and reached popularity in the 1960s. Solarium is a Latin word meaning "place of sunlight." The solarium, or sunroom, was fashioned after conservatories originating ages ago when the wealthy wanted a room to grow their own exotic fruit. That's why the sunroom is also known as a garden room.


Basically, Florida rooms are spaces that let you bring the outdoors, indoors. It's a way to enjoy the abundant Florida sunshine while still maintaining the comfort of indoor climate control. With all the warmth Florida has to offer, you'll enjoy it without being exposed to heat and humidity. Plus, a Florida room adds living space to your home.


The flexibility of these spaces is another reason for their appeal. They're the perfect place to relax after a hard day at work, but they also make a fantastic sunlit location for a leisurely weekend brunch. If you have a swimming pool, a Florida room makes a good transition room from the pool to the main house. Tiled floors keep wet swimmers from tracking water indoors, while also providing a pest-free space for poolside refreshments. Things like this are essential factors if you want a carefree lifestyle. It's something that new home builders in Port St. Lucie help you build right into a new home.


Ideas for Decorating Your Florida Room

If you're considering new construction on the Treasure Coast, you might also need ideas for decorating your Florida room. There are many routes to take, depending on your needs, personality, and functionality of the rest of your home.


  • Entertainment - If you love to entertain, make your sunroom an extra den or the perfect gathering spot for guests. Equip it with a large table and comfortable chairs. You could even build a second cooking island with a wine cooler and a wet bar for cocktails.
  • Home Office - If you have more practical needs, you could make your Florida room into a home office, with room for a full-sized desk, shelving, and a credenza. This idea works well because Florida rooms usually have private entrances. Create a designated walkway and make it easy for clients to visit by parking in the driveway and making their way to your office door.
  • Gardening and Reading - If you love gardening, go with the conservatory concept and make your sunroom a true solarium with potted plants and flowers. Some people get a lot of joy from horticulture, so tending to plants while also having a tranquil spot for an iced tea could be bliss for you. You could even add a breakfast nook and enjoy your sunny mornings with freshly brewed coffee, a newspaper, and a room full of gorgeous plants.


Ideas for Making Use of Natural Lighting

One of the critical things to consider with your Florida room are the health advantages of the sun. You'll have an abundance of natural light, which adds cheer and optimism to a space. Natural light has health benefits, too, like elevated mood and improved vision. Sunshine makes you feel happy and reduces stress. Working in a sunlit space helps increase productivity and also helps us sleep better.


Aside from the health benefits, though, there are practical ways to make use of natural light. As mentioned, these spaces are great for raising plants and flowers. If you love birds, you could create an indoor sanctuary. What about adding a luxurious chaise lounge and make it a reading room? There's nothing better than sunlight for reading. 


Natural light is also great for arts and crafts since light helps us see small objects clearly. Artists will love natural light for mixing and applying oils and watercolors, too. Pipe in some classical music and set up a table for afternoon tea. Those who love to study will find that a solarium that will help them learn and feel more productive in a library with an unobstructed view of the outdoors.


Whatever your needs or desires, decorating your Florida room is limited only by your imagination and budget.


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Contributed to Your Home blog by Carol Youmans

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Published 9.24.19

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