Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Fixtures for Your New Home

Choosing a bathroom layout with options for a double vanity, walk-in shower, or soaking tub are often part of the home building process. If you’re working with new home builders, or just looking to revamp your current bathroom, consider these helpful bathroom tips and ideas to make sure you end up with the space you’ve always dreamed of (and one that works for your lifestyle, too).


Bathroom Sinks & Vanities

There is probably no fantasy greater than a double vanity—you get your space and room to get ready without bumping into someone else. Of course, if you’ve already had one then you know there’s no coming back. Most modern home builders understand that and include double vanities in all their owner’s bathroom designs.


Important as they are though, there are other design elements to consider when considering your bathroom sink and vanity, like materials, sink layout and more. As you evaluate your different bathroom fixture options for you sink and vanities, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Elevate Your Materials- The Marble Vanity

There are a few materials to consider for your vanity top, but perhaps none so elegant as marble. That’s probably because marble has such a long history of use. Marble is a great way to enhance the metal finishes in your bathroom but be wary, some owners find it to be a lot of upkeep.


A floating marble vanity with one large mirror could offer a more modern look. For something more rustic, pair marble with darker metal finishes and wood elements. Consider mirrors that are also framed by wood to balance out your elegant design.


Consider Above-Counter Sinks

An ongoing trend in bathroom décor and design is above-counter sinks, also known as vessel sinks. You can pair this type of sink with any countertop, although you might want to account for a little extra splash. Outside of making a unique statement, vessel sinks can also save counter space and work great in smaller spaces. You will have to compensate for their additional height though, when picking out faucets and vanities so be sure to make note as you select your additional bathroom fixtures.


If you are looking to make a strong statement in your bathroom, consider pairing a white vessel sink with a marble vanity for a stunning and chic contrast.


Create Interest with Brushed Finishes

Brushed metal is the perfect way to add a modern look to your bathroom. Whether you’re working with a marble vanity, a black ceramic one, or all wood—you can choose from gold, silver, bronze, brass, or even black brushed metal. No matter what color you choose, brushed metal is stylish and much less prone to fingerprints.



Bathroom Showers & Tubs

Some new home builders might give you a choice between a walk-in shower or a soaking tub—but which one to choose?


Walk-In Shower with No Door

Walk-in showers without a door can feel like a thing of luxury, giving a spa-like feel to your bathroom space. A walk-in shower is one that has no edge to walk over, or a very small one, which is ideal for people with children or pets and also great to have as you get older. The lack of door is a style choice, but it can also be a very practical one because it means less to clean.


The type of tile you choose can make a huge impact with walk-in showers. A modern approach is to select a tile that might go well throughout your entire bathroom floor and on the walls of the designated shower area. If you do this, select larger tiles to create the feeling of more space and less clutter.


Walk-In Shower with a Door

A stylish way to enjoy a walk-in shower without sacrificing a door is to install large sliding doors. Large sliding doors can be a statement piece in themselves, depending on the style of door you choose. You can go with all glass doors to maintain a spacey and open environment, or choose doors that have modern metal embellishments. Another option is ombre glass, which could add slightly more privacy.


Soaking Tub

Some people use the tub to bathe their kids or pets, but never step foot in one themselves. If you’re an avid bather though who feels like taking a deep-soak could never go out of fashion, then you might want to consider the value of a soaking tub.


Much like sinks, a more modern approach to soaking tubs are those that stand above ground. For a nod to the traditional, you can go with a clawfoot tub, but there are plenty of above ground tubs that are freestanding and luxurious in their own right.



Other Bathroom Fixtures

While the bathroom fixtures of your double vanity and walk-in shower or soaking tub might set the pallet for the rest of your space, these other bathroom fixtures can help put on the finishing touches.



You might be less concerned about how your toilet looks than how it functions. These days, you can also shop for options that are more eco-friendly. If you did want to consider something more modern, hanging toilets are an option.


One thing worth considering though is trying to make sure the fixtures on your toilet match with your other bathroom fixtures. It’s advisable to go with just one finish, although you might consider two as a way to bring in more style. But if you go with two, make sure to be intentional about it.


Towel Racks

One modern bathroom trend when it comes to towel racks is to skip the rack all together. Hooks can be a great substitute for racks and they offer more flexibility. Hooks also make it easier to incorporate more function into your design elements.


Bathroom Lighting

Selecting the right lighting for your bathroom layout is key. Lighting can help make your bathroom feel larger, especially recessed lighting or wall lighting. The same rule applies to your lights though, try to make sure they match with the finish of your other bathroom fixtures.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Brittney Villalva

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Published 2.16.2021

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