Game Room Ideas for a Family-Friendly Play Space

Turning your barely used basement or spare room into a game room can create a space where friends and family of all ages can gather, relax and have fun. Whether you simply want to create a cozy space or you are looking to go high-tech and incorporate big screens, gaming systems and surround sound, the possibilities of decorating a game room are only limited by your imagination and your budget. If you are looking for design inspiration and a few practical tips to help you with logistics, keep reading and start on the path to turning your game room ideas into reality.


Preparing Your Space for a Game Room

Most people turn basements and garages into games rooms, which might require some preparation. These spaces aren’t typically equipped with insulation, wiring and water lines. If you want to include a bar, cinema and other electronics, you may have to spend some time preparing the space to accommodate these extras. Here are some areas for consideration when designing your game room:

  • Wiring: Adding appliances and electronics to your game room can result in bunches of unsightly wires and overloaded outlets. Make sure that your room is equipped to handle an increased usage load and build in ways to organize and conceal wires for a clean look.
  • Insulation: Basements and garages can be cold and hold moisture. This probably hasn’t raised any problems in the past because you weren’t using these spaces that often. However, you may want to add insulation to help maintain a constant and comfortable temperature. Depending on your home, a dehumidifier and cooling unit to counteract the heat radiated by electronic devices may also be in order.
  • Soundproofing: Not only will a little soundproofing improve audio in the game room, it will also block sound from disturbing the rest of the house. Those in the game room will be able to crank up the sound on movies and crack pool balls while others can quietly relax in other areas of the home.


Game Room Ideas for Adults

Once your space has been prepared, you can get down to the fun part: choosing the details and games that will make your decorated game room a favorite destination. To make the room more inviting, be sure to include plenty of seating and warm, adjustable lighting. You don’t want the room to be too bright and being able to change the lighting according to whether you are watching a movie or playing ping-pong is a convenient option.

  • Sports fans can turn the game room into the perfect place to watch their favorite team. Multiple television screens can ensure that you don’t miss any of the action.
  • If you still feel nostalgic about arcades, pinball machines, vintage video games and skee ball are all great additions.
  • For those who enjoy a night cap, a bar is the perfect way to finish off a game room that caters to adults.


Game Room Ideas for Kids

Ideally, any game room will be welcoming to the entire family and people of all generations to spend quality time together. Including some kid-friendly ideas doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice a more universal design. Designing a game room that is welcoming to and functional for kids means including three main factors:

  • Storage: Look for ways to provide plenty of hidden storage so that kids can have easy access to toys and games without creating a cluttered room.
  • Space: Make sure that there is floor space and a table where kids can play with their toys, set up a board game or work on a puzzle.
  • Safety: Just like any other area of the home, the game room should be safe for kids. Be sure to include lots of soft chairs and pillows for them to relax and avoid tables with sharp corners and other breakables.


Your game room should reflect your interests, personal style and family. Even a small budget can be enough to create a comfortable and functional space that makes better use of underused basements, garages and spare rooms. With the right approach, you can create a game room that accommodates kids and adults of all ages. For more game room ideas, look to idea boards like Pinterest and borrow details you like to create your own, unique game room.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Amy M. Blitchok

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Published 7.5.19

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