Summer Activities for Boston Locals

Tired of the same ol’ same old? Looking for the best summer activities for Boston locals? Check out these Boston summer attractions that have yet to be swarmed by loads of tourists.

Indoor Boston Summer Activities

Boston summer weather is usually pretty reasonable. That said, there are some days where the humidity will get you. And being the type of people who are more used to shoveling snow than, well—melting, it’s good to have your go-tos when the weather is just not your cup of tea.


So yeah. A lot of these are indoors. But not all. And before you roll your eyes at our idea of “Boston summer attractions” just hear us out, alright? Sure you can do some of these things in the winter, too. But summer always tends to bring out the inner explorer. Besides, who wants to go searching for a “hidden door” in the middle of a snowstorm?

Keep it easy with a Speakeasy

Perhaps nothing feels more local than knowing the exact, unmarked door that leads to unheard-of cocktail greatness—because who wants to be that person walking about looking aimlessly for a door that might not even exist? That’s right, not you.


  • Lucky’s Lounge
    Located in Fort Point, Lucky’s offers a discreet entrance with an underground location that was designed to mirror a 1920s speakeasy. It’s a great spot for an early cocktail, but they also offer a full food menu packed with comfort food and live music.


  • A4cade
    Take your speakeasy game to the next level with this hidden cocktail bar that also has an arcade. Located in Central Square, you’ll need to head through Roxy's Grilled Cheese. Then scope out the freezer door and enter into a world that specializes in all things fun, nerdy, and nostalgic. What better way to escape some unreasonable Boston summer weather and live like a local?


  • backbar
    With fun, rotating themes, and special events—currently they have a class going on that involves learning how to make a cocktail while getting an ab workout (what?)—you can find your fill at backbar. Located in Somerville, head down the alley to find the door. They also accept reservations, so you can play it like a super Boston local if you plan ahead.


Fête for one, please (or more)

Coffee is not a celebration you might say, but if you’re at all familiar with hygge—the idea of having a coffee for the sake of taking some me-time is not the same thing as having a coffee to caffeinate. Plus, Boston has some great coffee shops. Sure, there are no major Boston summer attractions involved—but isn’t that the point of enjoying summer like a Boston local?


Also, even if you’re not that local yet—going to a coffee shop is a great way to explore a new neighborhood. Consider it your starting ground and branch out from there.


  • Gracenote Coffee
    Start here. It’s in Boston’s leather district. Once the center of Boston’s leather industry, it’s still populated by 19th-century brick warehouses that now hold offices and luxury lofts in a compact area between the Financial District and Chinatown. It’s a great place to be a local or watch the locals while discovering new food and places to shop.


  • Nine Bar Espresso
    Snack on an egg and cheese sandwich, order a cortado (if you haven’t had one, prepare to feel chic) or get a nitro cold brew if it’s hot out there (nitro makes your coffee look like a Guinness), and people watch. Nine Bar is located in Somerville’s Davis Square—an area known for being hip and drawing a younger crowd. While you’re in the area, try the landmark Somerville Theatre which showcases indie films and houses the Museum of Bad Art in the basement. There’s also a bubbling nightlight and plenty of independent shops selling vintage clothes, crafts, and comics.


Outdoor Boston Summer Activities

Fine. So you want to actually go outside and enjoy the Boston summer weather when it’s not negative degrees out. Fair enough. Here are a few ideas that highlight some of Boston’s summer attractions.

Lawn On D

Considered a “first-of-its-kind outdoor interactive space” Lawn On D began as an experimental event landscape designed to bring together different communities, audiences, and area residents of South Boston. It’s a nice outdoor space to hang in, but you can also find some local eats or catch a local event.

Jamaica Pond

Want to get lost a little? Jamaica Pond is a kettle pond and park in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston—with an area of about 68 acres, it’s the largest body of fresh water in Boston (so maybe not much of a secret but…). Ringed by a 1.5-mile walking path, it’s a popular destination for walking, fishing, rowing, and sailing.

The Public Garden

The first public botanical garden in America, the Public Garden was established in 1837—two centuries after the Boston Common was created. While the Common was created as America’s first public park, with practical and pastoral walkways built for crosstown travel—the Public Garden has been decorative and flowery from its inception, featuring meandering pathways for strolling and getting existential.



Right. So now that you know what life has in store for you as a Boston local, if you’re not a local now you’re probably wishing that you were (what can we say, we know how to pick a coffee shop). Well, good news on that front. Our Boston home builders can help you build your very own dream home. So coffee, Boston summer weather, the ultimate speakeasy—it’s all within reach.



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Published 8.27.2021

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