Bathroom Design Trends for 2021 

Sometimes your bathroom is the only place in the house that you can ensure alone time. It’s also the place you head when you first wake up and head to bed at night. For that reason, browsing through modern bathroom designs and considering different bathroom décor options is worth the effort.


If you’re working with new home builders, you might have a chance to choose some of your bathroom elements early on—things like bathroom layout, the perfect bathroom fixtures, and even your tile or wall color. If that’s the case, it’s good to have an idea of what you want in your bathroom and how it will complement your other design plans. But, even if you are working with a pre-existing bathroom layout, here are some ideas that can help elevate your bathroom design and make it feel like the calming space you have always wanted.



Modern Bathroom Designs for Homes

One of the best features of a new home is the opportunity to incorporate new home design from the ground up. As you work with your team of dedicated home builders to design your new home, use these modern bathroom design ideas to create a space that is the perfect self-expression.


Elements of Nature

Bringing the outside in is a trend that’s growing all throughout the home over the last few years. Now it’s time to start adding elements of this trend to your bathroom layout and design. While the indoor-outdoor feel might be achieved through home accents, like air purifying plants, you might also incorporate this trend using the colors of nature. Forest or sage greens are growing in popularity when it comes to bathroom designs for homes for the calm, nature-like elements they bring to the table, but even bolder colors like lime green have started to pop up as a nice added contrast against something more woodsy.


Bold Wall Murals

While bathrooms of the past might have promoted white walls and white tiles to match, 2021 modern bathroom design is willing to take a little more risk. But it’s ok if you’re starting with a white canvas, in fact—it might be a good thing. Elaborate murals in bathrooms are increasing in popularity but to pull it off best, especially in smaller spaces, it’s smart to contrast your mural with a softer color on the other walls to create a little breathing room.


The good thing about murals is that the design is up to you and you have pretty unlimited reign to explore your creativity. If you want to take a note from above, you might consider something like botanicals, but there are plenty of other options to explore. Just make sure the colors you use pair well with your bathroom tile colors, unless you plan on changing those up as well. If painting seems like too much of a project, you might consider wallpaper instead. You can still get bold design, but without all of the precision work.


Stark Contrast

From gothic blacks to bold blues, having a stark contrast between colors in your bathroom can help add an element of glamour that lends itself well to modern bathroom designs. Just be mindful of your bathroom layout and size. Painting an entire bathroom black could make it feel small and cramped, but painting a small column in your bathroom black, against a white background, could be enriching.


Bathroom Décor

Once you have the key elements to your bathroom figured out, your bathroom décor can help to put on the finishing touches of your modern bathroom design.


Bathroom Hooks

Using bathroom hooks can be a unique way to add storage and hang towels in a way that contributes to your bathroom décor. On a bathroom mural you can use hooks that blend with elements of the mural—for example, a painted hook near the beak of a bird that makes it appear as though the bird is carrying the towel. Or perhaps gold-plated hooks to add to the glamour of a black wall.


Window Dressing

It might be that the only thing you consider when you look at your bathroom window is privacy, but something like long flowy curtains can be the perfect way to incorporate modern bathroom design. If you’re working with darker colors, consider elegant white curtains to lighten the space a bit. Or if you aren’t ready to commit to a full wall mural, choose curtains with a mural print against a solid-colored wall.


Wall Lighting

Adding additional light along a wall can be an excellent way to give the feel of more space or more elegance. You can also swap out existing pieces for something more glamorous, like a wall chandelier. Depending on your bathroom layout, the way you position your lights can give your bathroom more depth, which adds the illusion of a bigger space.



Thoughtful Bathroom Layouts

With all those things about modern bathroom design considered, it’s worth noting that bathroom layout in general can make a big impact. For that reason, if you’re working with home builders on a new home, you might want to inquire about options like double sink vanities or walk-in showers that use glass to create a more open space.


While the bathroom might not be the first place you think of when choosing design elements, giving some consideration to your bathroom décor can be a fun and unique way to give your home a more modern feel.



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Published 2.16.2021

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