5 Tips for Balancing Family Life While Working from Home

While some things may start to feel closer to normal, chances are you and your family are still spending a lot more time at home than you are used to. Whether you are trying to be productive working from home, your kids engaging in remote learning or something else entirely, finding a good balance between work and family life right now is just a little more difficult. That is why we have pulled together this list of tips-- to help you make the most of your “new normal”. Read on to discover ways to maximize your work-life balance and still have fun.


Tip 1: Make a Schedule and Try Your Hardest to Stick to it

One of the key tricks to balancing family life while working from home is making sure you keep a set schedule. While you may not be traveling to and from physical locations anymore, it’s best to operate (at least somewhat) as if you do. So what does this look like?


Well, at the start of the day, the focus should be on waking up at a time that normally would have allowed for at least a portion of your or your family’s commute. For example, if your normal commute was an hour and you were expected in the office at 9 AM, it’s probably best not to sleep till 8:45 AM. While it certainly won’t take long to get to “the office” now, you are better off pretending that you have at least a 30-minute commute to contend with and leverage that extra time to get a good breakfast, read the paper or connect with the family. The same concept holds true with the kids. Remote learning may make it tempting to let them sleep right up to when they need to log on, but, having them wake up at least 30-40 minutes before class will serve everyone better in the long run.


And, a schedule doesn’t just apply to when to wake up in the morning. It should also hold for the end of your day as well, especially for adults. To keep a productive work schedule, set a cut-off time for your work activities and stick to it. While you may have to contend with the occasional work emergency, having a consistent “log off” time will help you to keep a better family life balance while working from home.



Tip 2: Take A Full Lunch Break

Similar to keeping a schedule, one key way to maintain a work-life balance when working from home is to take the time you need to refuel and recharge with a full lunch break. Try different working from home lunch recipes, disconnect by watching your favorite tv show, or, use the time to tackle some chores. While you may not have traditionally been able to do these sorts of tasks, or even take a formal lunch break when you were traveling into the office, building in some downtime during the day is vital.  That’s because whether you notice it or not when you are working from home you probably aren’t taking as many small breaks during the day as you would while working in an office. With no “water cooler” talks or coffee breaks, a full lunch break becomes all that more important to boosting productivity and helping to maintain a healthy work-life balance when working from home. Plus, if you have kids at home, lunch serves as a great way to catch up with them and spend a little bit of family time that you may not have been able to manage elsewise.



Tip 3: Practice Yoga

The current situation has been a little stressful as of late, so, if you are having a hard time sleeping, are feeling overwhelmed or are just having a hard time working out for any reason, yoga is a great option to help bring some balance to your work-life situation.


While there is a misconception that you need to be flexible to practice yoga, the truth is there are plenty of guides for yoga that are aimed at beginners and don’t require a lot of natural flexibility. The biggest thing is to find a practice that works for you and focus on finding spaces in your home where you can relax, unwind and concentrate on the task at hand. And, don’t forget, yoga doesn’t just have to be for the adults—kids can enjoy practicing as well.



Tip 4: Have a Movie Night

While movie theaters are still predominately closed, many platforms are releasing new movies for you and your family to watch together. Throwing your household a movie night can be fun and a great morale booster if staying inside is getting the best of you and your crew.


Start this fun family time activity by picking a movie that everyone can enjoy. Consider classics as well as new releases and narrow down top choices by genre.


Next, pick a room that will provide you with the theatre-like experience. Whether you are building a home theatre from scratch or leveraging smart home technology to dim the lights and set the mood, transitioning your home into a make-shift movie theater will really help to create the family life feel you are going for.


Finally, ramp up the experience with a few extra themes. There are so many ways you can make your movie night more fun, but some of our favorites include themed meals based on the movie, letting everyone wear their pajamas while watching and having plenty of fun desserts close at hand (because who doesn’t love dessert?).



Tip 5: Break out the Playing Cards

If you are still looking for ways to balance family life with working from home, and have run out of ideas on things to do, may we suggest breaking out the playing cards? There are so many fun card games you can play solo, with your family, with your partner, on the coffee table or even on the couch, that are quick and easy to learn. With so many types of different card games, staying entertained in your living room is simple, whether you are feeling bored, need to distract the family or just want something to do.


Right now, even as things start to re-open, there are still plenty of challenges for people trying to maintain a good family life while working from home. While every family has its different way of coping with the “new normal”, here are just a few tips you can incorporate to help keep a healthy work-life balance. And, if you find your current home isn’t up to the task be sure to check out Pulte Homes’ new homes near you. With innovative floor plans and built-in smart home technology, our homes are prepared to help you maximize your work and play spaces, for the ultimate in family fun time while working from home.



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Published 4.8.2021

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