7 Ideas for Modern Living Room Décor

Moving into a new place or just feeling a bit bored with your current digs? There’s nothing quite like the fresh feeling and sense of perspective that a reimagining of your space can give you. Just like fashion, modern living room décor is an ever-evolving artform, and there are new and exciting takes on modern home design bubbling to the surface every day. With the home becoming increasingly used as both a workspace and living space, there’s never been a better time to consider new living room ideas. Let’s explore some of the top living room ideas in modern home design.


Go Green

Many of us are finding ourselves spending more and more time indoors these days. While the introverts out there might be jumping for joy (or expressing their excitement in some other, more reserved manner), there’s no escaping the basic human need for a bit of nature in our environment. The easiest way to do this is to bring a bit of the outside in by introducing a bit of plant-life to your living space. A potted ivy or spider plant, when well cared-for, can branch out into the room giving your room a hint of wilderness and connectedness. Like that idea but looking to take it to the next level? A staghorn fern thrives in low-light environments and can cover your wall in leafy green for an extra-earthy look.


Granny Knows Best

When it comes to modern living rooms, sometimes the way to best look forward is to look back. One of the fastest-rising trends in modern home design is the “Grand Millennial” movement. There’s nothing cozier than curling up with a book on grandma’s couch with the faint sounds of a game show hovering in the background (unless the couch in question was of the plastic-covered variety). Working in some of grandmother’s favorite textures like lace, velvet, fringe, and floral patterns (so many floral patterns) with newer pieces will give your space a comforting touch of the familiar that feels fresh at the same time.


Stick Around

Feeling impulsive or a bit indecisive? One particularly fun approach to modern living room decor making waves is peel and stick wallpaper. You can go as minimalist or as maximalist as you want, subtle or over-the-top. Don’t like it? Tear it off and try it again! Cover an entire wall to give a sense of dimension to your living room or try putting just a bit of it behind a particular piece you’d like to draw attention to. 


Lighten Up

There are numerous studies showing the benefits of natural light to our health and our mood. Rather than dark, heavy curtains, consider adorning your windows with light, sheer curtains or blinds for maximum lighting. A bright, airy space will help elevate your mood as well as give your living room a cleaner feel. Skylights are great, but a luxury we can’t all have. If your space allows for an amount of natural lighting that is less-than-ideal, consider investing in a sun lamp, an artificial alternative to our big, orange neighbor up above. This one goes hand-in-hand with our first idea for modern living room décor.


You’re a Natural

The push to go organic doesn’t just have to refer to our diets. One thing many of today’s modern living rooms share is an emphasis on the natural. Wicker fixtures, ample natural lighting, wooden furniture, plenty of plants —all of these trends signify an increasing demand for designs that reconnect us with nature. This applies to color schemes, as well. Many of today's designers favor earth tones as well as muted greens in their modern living room décor. 


Something Old, Something New

Similar to the rise of Granny chic, the modern rustic movement is another modern home design that’s quickly gaining steam. The idea is imbue modern living spaces with just the right amount of old-time, country charm as to maximize comfort without feeling too dated. Weathered (especially reclaimed, if you can find it) wood pieces, exposed support beams, and stone fixtures all give spaces a charming rustic character and blend well with more modern touches. 


Industrial Intrigue

Working from home and wanting to really embrace the idea of home as a factory, even if the main machine is a simple laptop? Many are adopting an industrial aesthetic for their work/living space. Neutral brown, black or white tones, open space, distressed wood with metal accents, and repurposed materials are all common features of industrial modern living room décor. This particular approach to modern home design has been in vogue for a while and doesn’t show any signs of going away in the near future. 


Whether you’re building a new home or trying to tide yourself over until you’re ready to buy, these simple living room ideas will help you fall in love with where you live.



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Published 8.23.2021

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