5 Ways to Find New Homes for Sale

Purchasing a new home is one of life’s biggest investments. You’ll likely be spending the next few years of your life, if not longer, in the house you purchase. These factors can add a lot of pressure and make the home search process stressful. You want to make sure that you aren’t missing out on an opportunity or settling for a home that is just okay when there are better options that you haven’t even discovered. To help you search for and find the perfect home, we have put together a list of five ways to find new homes for sale.


1. Search for New Home Builders in Your Area

This strategy works best if you already have an idea of where you want to live but may not know what new home builders are in the area. For example, let’s say that you are looking to buy a new home in Charlotte, NC. Instead of driving around the city looking for new communities or conducting internet searches that might not always provide the most up-to-date results, you can search for the top five to 10 home builders in Charlotte. Using that list, you can visit each new home builders websites, browse their offerings and contact them directly to inquire about specific communities or upcoming projects. Going this route will also ensure that you are working with the most popular and trusted builders in your area.


2. Search New Home Builders Offerings

What if you already know what home builders are available in your area, or are not sure where you next move to a new city might take you? Instead of visiting general search sites, why not go directly to a new home builder you want to work with? Large national builders, like Pulte Homes, offer newly constructed homes across the country and work with clients to design and build homes from the ground up. You can visit the site and search for homes by city or state. It is easy to learn about different communities and narrow down choices based on price and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. 


3. Search for New Homes on MLS.com

If you have settled on a specific city or you are conducting a wider search of both new construction and resale homes, MLS.com can provide you with valuable insights into home prices and availability across the country. You can filter your searches so that you are looking for new homes in certain states. From there, you can browse available options, learn about communities and request additional information. MLS.com lists homes for sale by registered realtors, so you can feel confident about the information on the site.


4. Search for New Homes on Realtor.com

Realtor.com is another reputable site that can make it easy to search for new homes. This site is run by the National Association of Realtors and is updated every 15 minutes. In certain markets, where houses are selling in less than 24 hours, have the most recent information it vital to finding the right house. In total, the site contains over 4 million listings and includes information about neighborhoods. It is a great place to search according to city and state.


5. Search for New Homes on Homefinder.com

This website also offers the option of searching by new homes so that you can narrow down your choices. Homefinder.com features listings from all over the country, making it a great resource no matter where you want to move. The site also contains free resources, blogs and information, which are helpful if you have general questions about the search and buying process.


Keep in mind that while there are plenty of real estate search sites on the internet, not all of them are created equal. Many of them are simply created to help promote real estate agents and won’t necessarily contain the most recent information. You can waste a lot of time searching and learning about houses that aren’t even available anymore. Your best bet is to stay away from sites the aggregate information from a variety of sources and look for those that are published by specific builders and real estate associations.


If you are ready to begin your home search, go right to the source and contact Pulte Homes directly. We can help you find new homes for sale in cities across America, including: Los Angeles, the DC Metro, New Jersey and many more. Find your new home today! 



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Published 11.3.19

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