5 Reasons to Move to Newark

Newark has a lot to offer for those who know where to look. This city has history, culture, and growth opportunities in abundance.  Below, see five reasons to move to Newark, New Jersey.


A Long History

Newark is one of the oldest cities in the country with roots dating back to 1693. You can still see the bones of many of the old buildings in this city, with some maintained and renovated for educational purposes, such as the John Ballantine House. Named as a National Historical Landmark in 1985, this Victorian home was built in 1885 by a Newark beer-brewing family and has been part of the Newark Museum since 1935. You can also tour Thomas Edison’s laboratory and home, Glenmont, in Llewellyn Park, where there are inventions and old machines on display. Newark has a lot to offer for anyone interested in history.


Newark Museum

Founded in 1909 by John Cotton Dana, the museum has remained loyal to it’s original charter, which deemed the purpose of the museum was “to establish in the City of Newark, New Jersey, a museum for the reception and exhibition of articles of art, science, history and technology, and for the encouragement of the study of the arts and sciences.” To this day the Newark Museum maintains exhibits full of global art, science, and history. The MakerSPACE is where visitors can play with assorted materials and supplies to investigate their own creativity, and the planetarium opens exploration of constellations and distant galaxies.


The Ironbound

The Ironbound is a cultural hub for this city, with a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish, Ecuadorian, Brazilian, Italian and more. Every year this community throws individual festivals to celebrate several these cultures, which is a great time to experience them and broaden your horizons. Be sure check out the culinary offerings of the authentic global cuisine. Fornos of Spain is known for its rare collection of Spanish wines and the paella Valencia. Seabra’s Marisqueira is a Portuguese restaurant that specializes in delicacies of the sea. And that’s not all the neighborhood has to offer. A burgeoning fashion scene is appearing on Ferry Street, where boutiques such as Nadri Fashion or Dannish A offer on-trend outfits for each season.


Branch Brook Park

This beautiful urban oasis was established in 1895, making it the nation’s first county park. The landscaping design of Branch Brook Park feels natural, with forests and meadows designed by the Olmstead Brothers in 1900.  In 1927 the park received a gift of cherry blossom trees, which now has more than 5,000 trees in different varieties and is the largest collection of cherry blossom trees in the United States. You don’t want to miss the Cherry Blossom Festival at this historic park.


Proximity to Manhattan

A mere eight miles from Manhattan, Newark is in an ideal location. Public transportation is also readily available and in walking distance from most areas in the city, so you can avoid the heavy traffic. Whether you want to explore the Big Apple for business or pleasure, the easy commute to Manhattan offers all the amenities of New York City while giving you the square footage opportunities of New Jersey.


From the beautiful urban park, to the career opportunities of Newark and New York combined, Newark is an excellent place to call home. To enjoy all that this city has to offer to residents, check out our new construction for sale in Newark.



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Published 11.27.19

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