5 Healthy Home Features You Must Have

You’ve probably heard that a “clean home is a happy home” more times than you can count. But taking steps to achieve a healthier home has become increasingly more important to homeowners. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), most people spend at least half of every day inside their homes. And a healthy home can help support basic needs that protect you from illness and injury.


It’s also worth noting that cleaner homes are associated with having healthier habits. 2021 design trends reflect that mentality, with a focus on how to bring more overall wellness into different areas of the home. But with these healthy home features, you can make sure your home doesn’t just inspire wellness—it helps ensure it.


Healthy Home Feature #1: Antimicrobial Countertops

One of the easiest healthy home features for new homeowners to add is antimicrobial countertops. While marble countertops may have been the envy of many homeowners in the past, they are naturally more porous and prone to scratching than kitchen counter materials made from a composite of natural and manmade materials. In fact, most natural materials are more porous, which could cause a ding in their popularity as people gravitate towards materials that are easier to clean.


Scratches in natural materials create opportunities for bacteria to settle in. And, even after rigorous cleaning, there are still porous areas of natural countertops that could carry bacteria. For that reason, antimicrobial countertops like quartz, quartz-blends, copper, and even some laminate materials are growing in popularity for folks looking to maintain a healthy home. It’s worth noting however, that while antimicrobial countertops may serve as a first line of defense, they aren’t bacteria killing. You still need to take measures to disinfect your home.


Healthy Home Feature #2: H20 Water Filtration

Our next healthy home feature –water filtration-- helps ensure healthier, better tasting water, among other perks. Whether you decided to install an entire water filtration system, like many new home builder now offer, or opt for a sink filter or water pitcher, better tasting water could encourage you and everyone in your family to drink more of it. Filtration is also less hassle than stocking up on water bottles and better for the planet. In fact, just one average sized filter could prevent the waste of as many as 300 16oz water bottles.


And, while contaminants in water, which can lead to outbreaks of Salmonella or E. coli., are rare, water filtration systems can also help you feel more secure that your family’s water is safer for consumption. Water filtration can even help remove the trace amounts of chlorine or other tastes that your water might pick up before making it to your tap, which, while harmless, can subtly discourage you from drinking more.


Beyond just helping with better tasting and safer drinking water, whole house water filtration systems can also improve your shower experience. With a water filtration system, you’ll experience less buildup in the shower or tub. And, the filtered water can also make your skin feel less dry or give some bounce to your hair by removing chemicals that strip your body of its natural oils.


Whether its for better tasting water or an improved shower experience, water filtration systems are a great healthy home feature to include.


Healthy Home Feature #3: Touchless Faucets

Hands-free faucets have become almost commonplace in public–but with new innovations in technology they’re becoming a more standard fixture in homes, too. They add convenience and efficiency to the kitchen, helping to skip on measuring and save on water. But they’re also helpful in reducing the spread of germs in healthy homes across the country.


Take the U by Moen, for example. This high-tech touchless faucet even has a “wash hands” command that helps encourage more complete handwashing by following the CDCs guidelines. When activated, the water turns on, pauses for 20 seconds so the user can scrub hands, and then turns back on. Homeowners are also able to set up their own presets and commands through an app, although the faucet also works with sensors or when turned on manually.


Other smart faucet features, beyond just being touchless also provide benefits like increased water pressure or the ability to diffuse aromatics for a truly spa-like experience while you wash your hands—all while conserving water usage.


Healthy Home Feature #4: Hospital-Grade Air Purifier

While air purifiers might have already found a space in many homes that suffer from allergies or pet dander, new hospital-grade air purifiers are growing in popularity and power among healthy home advocates.


According to the EPA “when used properly, air cleaners and HVAC filters can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses in a building or small space.” Hospital-grade air purifiers alone are not enough, but when combined with other guidelines issued by the CDC, they can make a pretty decent impact on having a healthy home.


Healthy Home Feature #5: Smart Home Technology

Of course, smart home technology continues to add to the convenience that people can experience at home. When it comes to preventing the spread of germs—smart home technology can help reduce contact on heavily used surfaces in the house, including mobile or voice control of locks and lights.


Plus, new home sensors that focus on maintenance issues around your home can also save you time and alert you to possible health concerns. That includes water sensors, freeze sensors, smart smoke alarms, and contact sensors that alert you when something has been opened. You can even find sensors for temperature and humidity levels, to help improve overall air quality.


Your home plays an important role in helping you feel safe and secure. Following steps to keep your home clean can help you feel more in control, but these features can bring your comfort at home to the next level, and really provide you with the healthy home you seek. When combined with 2021 home design trends for wellness, you have the opportunity to build your home into the perfect and ultimate escape.



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Published 3.7.2021

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