3 Myths about New Construction

Whether you are a first time home-buyer or you are more familiar with the real estate process, home buying still tends to be surrounded by myths. This is especially true when it comes to new construction. All too often, people assume that building a new construction home is simply too expensive and not worth the stress and hassle, which is exactly why you might be surprised to learn just how easy and affordable it can be. If you have been buying into new construction myths, it is time to set the record straight so you can make the best real estate decision for you and your family.


Myth #1: New Construction is More Expensive

This is the biggest myth about new construction and the main reason many people don’t even bother to look into building a home as an option. First and foremost, new materials and new construction techniques have made it faster and more cost-effective to build a new home from the ground up. All it takes is a little research to see that the cost of new construction compared to purchasing an existing home is largely the same. You can search new home construction in California or any other state and instantly get an idea of the local market and pricing.


Even more importantly, new construction offers more long-term value. Let’s say that you are looking to purchase an older home to try and save money, there is a good chance that the home has old appliances, a HVAC system that has been operating for years and old windows and doors that aren’t energy efficient. You may find yourself having to replace major home systems, install new appliances and pay higher utility bills on a monthly basis. Any money you may have saved at closing has been spent on repairs and maintenance.


When you build new construction, everything is brand new and covered in part by the home builder’s warranty. It will be years before you have to worry about making repairs and the latest in energy efficient appliances and materials will help reduce monthly bills. When you look at the value of new construction versus resale, new construction can offer a better overall value even if you do pay more upfront.


Myth #2: New Construction Means a Cookie-Cutter Home

Yes, we have all seen those neighborhoods where all the houses look the same and are practically built right on top of each other. While some builders choose to create these types of cookie-cutter communities, not all new construction is created the same. When you work with the right new home builder, you can enjoy a home that is customized to fit your personal style and your family.


While there may be some limitations, you can often choose from different architectural styles and innovative and modern floor plans to design a unique home. Everything from bathroom tiles to cabinets and floors will work together to create a cohesive look designed by you. While tackling all these design choices may seem overwhelming, your home builder will work with you to simplify the process and choose the right materials for your new construction home and your budget. You don’t have to settle for a home that looks just like your neighbor’s.


Myth #3: New Home Construction is Time Consuming

It is understandable that many people buy into the myth that building a new home is simply too time-consuming. For someone who is new to the new home construction process, the idea of building an entire home from the ground up can seem like a daunting task that could take months and will inevitably be plagued with delays.


However, this simply isn’t the case. Experienced home builders have the skills, experience and expert teams to quickly execute construction projects while still adhering to the highest possible standards. Once the lot has been secured and the design has been finalized, the new construction process will follow a tight schedule. With access to the right resources, along with the latest in construction techniques, new homes can be completed in no time at all.   


New construction tends to get a bad rap, but it is a viable option even for new homeowners who are on a budget. You can design and purchase a new construction home without worrying about having to make major repairs and updates for years to come. With customizable home builders, you can also create a unique home without having to go through a drawn out construction process. If you have been buying into these popular myths about new home construction, it may be time to consider the facts and take a closer look at this option.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Amy Blitchok

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Published 11.3.19

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