10 Unique Home Design Ideas for Spring

Spring is always a time of renewal and excitement. Maybe it is the deep cleaning that gives you a new appreciation for your home. Perhaps you are ready for the significant change after months spent cooped up indoors. Either way, the fairest season of all is the perfect moment to undertake some home decorating projects that will help turn your home into a little piece of heaven for months to come.


If you are on the lookout for some spring décor ideas that go beyond putting a fresh bouquet on your dining table, you are in the perfect place. Whether you want to give your home a good refresh, or are working with a new home builder to design your dream home, here are our ten favorite ways to embrace the spring trends.


Spring Décor Ideas You Will Love Season After Season

Renovate the Basement

After spending the winter months mostly indoors, you will probably notice which parts of your home could be improved. More importantly, you can probably name some areas you wish could be bigger. Maybe it is a playroom where you could leave children's toys out of sight, out of mind? Perhaps you are yearning for a designated home office to get some work done without being interrupted by the demands of the household?


Either way, the solution may lie beneath your feet. Spring is a great time to tackle a big home project like finishing your basement to add some much needed square footage.


Make Your Kitchen Pop

Whether you are a master chef or a lazy gourmet, kitchens often end up being the beating heart of your home. In today’s open plans, they are a place where people tend to gather, and not only at mealtime. During the darkest winter months, you may have noticed that your kitchen does not get the light it deserves. Optimizing your kitchen lighting is the perfect spring project.


Create a Retreat in Your Master Bedroom

Have you ever felt like your master bedroom was not the serene retreat you were hoping for? Now is the time to remediate the situation. Embrace the fresh spring trends and soft colors for a calming effect. You can also check our tips to design your bedroom for maximal sleep.


Set up an Outdoor Living Space

Spring is the perfect time to design the ideal living space in the great outdoors. Whether you have a large garden or a small balcony, there is no better feeling than taking advantage of those first warm days. Spring is also the ideal moment to choose the plants that will be blooming in your garden this summer.


Install an In-Home Gym

Your New Year resolutions may have included spending more time at the gym, but we know how it goes. Between work obligations and family time, there is often little time left to leave the house to work out. However, have no fear. Spring is the perfect time to start again. By building a small in-home gym, you can give a new life to an underutilized corner of your home and be ready for beach weather.


Embrace 2020 Interior Design Trends

2019 has come and gone, now is the time to make some space for 2020 interior design trends. Focus on some of the areas in your home that you are not 100 percent satisfied with and could use a refresh. By incorporating small updates in your existing rooms, those spring décor ideas, from large floral to bold color pops, will help revive your home without breaking the bank.


Tackle the Mudroom Mess

If there is a room that could use some help when it comes to spring, it is your mudroom! Between muddy boots, lighter jackets, and winter accessories necessary on the colder days, the constantly changing weather can be a home decorating challenge. Spring is the perfect time to tackle this often-forgotten spot in your house.


Update Your Children’s Bedroom

They grow up so fast, don’t they? With Christmas and Hanukkah behind us, new toys are replacing outgrown favorites. One of our favorite spring décor idea is to revamp the children's bedroom to match the new season in their life. Remove outdated décor to declutter the space and make sure they have an organized desk to optimize study time.


Refresh Your Rugs

Indoor rugs take a severe beating in the winter. Even if you are diligent about removing shoes and chasing dirt, mud, snow, and sand always end up being tracked inside. A yearly spring trend should be to evaluate the shape of your rugs and carpet. A good trip to the dry cleaner may be enough to bring them a new life. However, sometimes it is better to start anew. Don't forget to have a look at our tips on how to choose the perfect rug: it is a home decorating element that will be with you for years to come.


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