10 Things You Should Know When Building a Home

Building your own home can be a fun and exciting process, but without the right information it’s easy to get overwhelmed, even when you are working with professionals. Here are ten things you should consider and check before you start building your own home.


  1. Custom Build vs. Home Builders
  2. One of the first things you will want to consider when building your own home is what route do you want to take? There are a few ways to approach building a new home—one being to work with a custom builder, and another being to work with a production home builder.


    Working with a custom builder usually means finding someone who has pulled together the right architect, construction team, designer, roofing specialist, landscape person, and so on for your project. While going this route means having the ability to make everything as customized as you want, from floor plan to features, building a home with a custom builder also comes with a lot of responsibility, and often a heftier price tag.


    That’s why a lot of people choose to work with home builders. Home builders not only bring their own team of specialists to the table, but they often have a standardized approach to their operations that have been honed over the course of times. While the types of customization options you’ll have will vary, you generally still get some say in layout, design options, and features of your new home. Plus, you have the added benefit of lower costs, since production home builders can usually provide you a better value on a new home.


  3. Check on Home Build Quality
  4. You home is a big investment, so you want to make sure it is built to last. If you’re building your home on your own, it will be your responsibility to get references on the team you hire, to make sure that the work they do meets your quality needs. But, if you work with home builders, you still want to sure they with offer a strong warranty that helps ensure their work. Top home builders will offer at least a 10-year limited structural warranty, but they may also include coverage on other items like your HVAC systems, guards against water intrusion and general fixes to your “fit and finish” items like nail pops, paint touchups and more.


  5. Consider Modular vs. Manufactured Home
  6. Modern technology has made modular and manufactured homes more popular. The difference between these two is that modular homes are built on site with modular parts that were designed in a factory. Manufactured homes, however, are built in the factory and delivered as a larger structure.


    Both of these compare to a site-built home, in which all of the home’s pieces are created and built on site. The advantage of modular homes is that they can cost less while still offering customization options and the same level of home build quality as site-built homes.


  7. Familiarize Yourself with the Home Building Process
  8. If you decide to work with home builders, you’ll want to learn more about their home building process. Ask questions about how you’ll be kept informed about progress. Quality home builders, like Pulte Homes, will offer you the opportunity to do multiple walk-throughs so you can see the home’s build quality for yourself.


    The scheduling of a home building process for self-builds is harder to predict. You’ll be given timelines by different members of your team and it will be up to you to make sure everyone’s timeline matches up. Just keep in mind that the final timeline is more of a guide for when things will be done. Things often come up along the way that could add weeks or months to your expected finish time.


  9. Consider the Costs of Building a Home
  10. While the cost of building a new home vs buying a retail home may sometimes seem like more on the surface, just remember building allows you to customize options a lot more easily then massive renovation projections on an older home. And, working with a home builder can save you time and money, versus building your own home yourself. Costs and timelines can go up significantly, if you decide to start from scratch so make sure to ask yourself what your budget is and how quickly you’d want to move in. You might even want to weigh some of the options between a modular vs. manufactured home as you consider the costs of building a home.


  11. Determine Your Design Timeline
  12. When building your own home, make sure you give yourself enough time to plan out your design ideas. You can make major decisions, like the exterior color of the home, at the very beginning. But don’t lose sight of smaller decisions, like the type of floor you want, or backsplash design. Home builders will help keep you informed on when it’s time to make those decisions, but if you’re working on your own be careful to include time to have those materials picked out and shipped.


  13. Always Plan Ahead
  14. The opportunity to build your own home is exciting, but don’t get too distracted by the small things and forget some of the big stuff. You are building your own home for the future, not just the present, so be sure to consider that future before you get too many plans in motion. For example, even if you don’t have a family right now, are you planning on one in the future? Or do you have parents that might visit often? Make sure your new home has enough space and room to grow into. While you can build some of that in if you are building your home on your own, many home builders can also help you plan for life’s changes with flexible layouts that can help your space works for you now, and in the future.


  15. Remember to Customize with Decor
  16. While decorating your home might seem a bit off when you are still working through how to build your own home, it is never too early to start thinking what about your new home should look like. Although it might seem tempting to build in most of your design elements, you may want to hold back. Things like bold color choices on your walls seem like a good idea when you are still conceptualizing your layout, but you may want to consider instead how you can personalize your home with décor. After all, your tastes will change over time and, in some cases, quicker than you might think, so take that into consideration before you build too many décor features into your own home. Consider instead more neutral paint colors that calm your mood or softer tones that will stay out of the way and focus on making bold statements through your home accents, which are easier to change over time.


  17. Plan for Storage
  18. It’s not the most exciting, but it might be the most important to remember to include when building your own home. You want your home to grow with you, and that means that it needs to be able to keep up with your daily activities and seasonal celebrations. Make a list of things you might need storage for in advance and try to dedicate storage spaces for those things ahead of time.


  19. Don’t Get Too Stressed
  20. Building your own home should be fun. Don’t get so wrapped up in the home building process that it becomes more stressful than exciting. Building from scratch on your own can give you unlimited options, but if you prefer to have those options curated for you consider a home builder instead. Also be mindful of your timelines and how long you can handle a little extra responsibility in your life before you have a place to call home.


    Building your own home doesn’t have to be difficult. Find quality builders who can ensure their home build quality and are willing to walk you through every step of their home building process. If you aren’t working with new home builders, find quality contractors you can trust who offer references on their work. Because in the end, the most important part to building your own home is finding a team you can trust.



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Published 4.8.2021

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