10 Reasons to Move to Houston

The trend for relocating Americans is away from the Northeast and toward the South and West, where the costs are lower, the weather is warmer, and there is more opportunity. If you are thinking about moving to a new area, here’s why Houston should be at the top of your list.


Why Live in Houston, TX?

Currently the fourth largest city in the country, Houston is one of the most popular destinations for new residents. Find out why so many people are eager to call Houston their new hometown.


Houston’s Job Market

Only New York City has more Fortune 500 companies than Houston, a center of the corporate universe. The area is also home to one of the country’s largest manufacturing infrastructures, as well as the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical campus. Here you’ll find NASA’s Johnson Space Center as well, making Houston an aerospace and technology hub.


Because so many of the jobs available here require advanced degrees, training, and experience, the unemployment rate is slightly higher than the national average. However, for well-qualified employees, wages are high and jobs are plentiful.


Houston’s Cost of Living

Houston’s cost of living is in line with the national average, making it far less expensive than urban areas like New York City, Boston, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. The largest expense for most Houston residents is housing, which tends to be in line with the national average. Transportation tends to be somewhat more expensive in Houston, primarily due to longer commutes and the lack of a robust public transportation infrastructure.


Houston Attractions

Houston is an exceptionally diverse and cosmopolitan city with a wide variety of activities and year-round great weather to add to their enjoyment. From the Houston Space Center to the Zoo, and with a large number of museums, parks, and other entertainment venues, you’ll find something for every taste here.


The quintessentially Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is an annual 19-day showcase bringing the whole town together with carnival rides and games, food stands, concerts, and, of course, the displays of farm animals and cowboy skills. It’s a can’t miss event and one that you’ll love making into a family tradition.


Dining Out in Houston

Think Houston is all BBQ and Tex-Mex? You’re in for a treat. This is one of the most sophisticated food towns in the country, combining urban experimentation and the benefit of an incredibly diverse population. Here you’ll find some of the most cutting edge and exciting cuisine in the country, along with the downhome favorites you might expect.


World-Class Shopping in Houston

Houston is known for its oil wealth, and the moneyed well-to-do have created a shopping infrastructure that’s second to none. Sometimes called The Style Capital of the South, you’ll find everything from mega malls to boutiques nestled on palm-lined avenues, as well as exceptional native couturiers, including Project Runway winner Chloe Dao.


Higher Education in Houston

Houston is home to more than a dozen colleges and universities serving more than 300,000 students each year. Here you’ll find Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, and the University of Houston, all world-class institutions. Advanced degree programs then help to feed Houston’s insatiable need for a highly skilled and educated workforce.


Houston Sports

Whatever your taste in sports, you’re sure to find a favorite hometown team in Houston. From baseball’s Astros to the NFL’s Texans, from basketball’s Rockets to professional men’s and women’s soccer franchises, Houston is immersed in sports culture. With all of the colleges and universities, you’ll also have the opportunity to root for a wide variety of other athletic events, from swimming to gymnastics to track and field.


Houston’s Arts and Culture

Houston is home to a variety of artistic venues, including museums, theater companies, Houston Grand Opera, and the Houston Symphony Orchestra. In addition, because of its size and status, Houston is a major stop for touring companies and performers, ensuring that you never miss your favorite artist’s latest concert or the hottest Broadway musical.


Outdoor Living in Houston

Whatever your taste, you’ll find outdoor activities to suit in Houston. With year-round great weather and a variety of dedicated outdoor spaces, you can participate in swimming, kayaking, biking, horseback riding, sport shooting, and more. Love camping and outdoor adventure? You’ll find plenty of wide open spaces to indulge your passion and make memories with the whole family.


Iconic Texas Lifestyle

While Houston has many of the amenities and contemporary influences you’d expect in a modern metropolis, you’ll still find a lot of giddy up here. Cowboy culture, the area’s rich history, and the open-armed hospitality of traditional Texas is still in evidence. Cowboy boots, historic sites, and Texas bluebonnets are part of the rich tapestry of the city and add to its allure.


If you’re looking for a new home in Houston, you’ll find a Pulte community right where you want to be. We offer the best spaces and neighborhoods to help you live your best life in the Lone Star state.



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Published 8.20.19

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