10 Design Ideas for Sunrooms

Whether you already have a sunroom, or just purchased a new home that features a sunroom, you may be wondering what to do with this space. After all, it’s easy to imagine how you might decorate a kitchen or bedroom, but the sunroom has so many potential functions, that it can be hard to pick just one.  Whether you want the area to look like an indoor garden, fancy adding bursts of color, or prefer a minimalist design scheme, here are 10 appealing design ideas for your sunroom that will make the space perfect for relaxing and spending time with loved ones.



1. Add Color to a Neutral Design Scheme

If the sunroom already has a neutral color scheme that includes shades of beige, tan, or light brown, you can add some colorful accents to showcase your decorative personality. Pastels are ideal for this area since they make the room look brighter and highlight the benefits of the natural light. Vivid hues like orange or red pick up the brightness of the sun as well and can make the place feel extra cheery.



2. Add Stools for Seating

Patio enclosures often offer limited space, so you can make the most of the area by adding stools. Wooden stools match with every color scheme and cloth cushions for the stools in a light or pastel color are less likely to fade in the sun meaning your sunroom gathering space can always look its best.



3. Showcase Potted Plants

Take advantage of all the natural light a sunroom offers and create your own indoor-outdoor oasis. A variety of lush, green plants will definitely make you want to spend more time in your sunroom. Choose leafy plants and flowers in a variety of colors and sizes to make the space look like your own personal greenhouse, and, even opt for plants that improve air quality for a space that makes your home both look, and feel, better.



4. Create a Breakfast Booth

If you want to enjoy your morning meal while taking in the beauty of the sunshine, add a breakfast booth or nook to your Florida room design. A bouquet of fresh flowers as a table centerpiece adds an attractive finishing touch. Start the morning off right with the benefits of natural sunlight.



5. Add a Statement Table

A small table in the center of your sunroom is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. A wicker table can coordinate with your patio furniture, or you can add a glass table with metallic legs to add elegance to the space.



6. Turn the Sunroom into a Workstation

With more people working and learning remotely this year, one potential sunroom design idea is to turn your space into a workstation for you or the kids. Not only will you find working from home more productive, but, you may even feel more relaxed tackling the stress of the day in a well-lit area that includes a desk, comfortable chair, and a few potted flowers.



7. Create a Reading Nook

Curling up on a small sectional or comfortable chair and reading a few chapters of your favorite book is a great way to enjoy your sunroom. You can make your sunroom design even more appealing and versatile by adding colorful throw pillows or a throw blanket if you prefer to spend time in this part of your home during cool evenings.



8. Include a Beverage Station

In addition to comfortable eating, add a beverage station to your sunroom design for the ultimate in entertaining usage. A small shelf filled with the drinks you and your guests prefer, as well as an ice bucket and light snacks, make it easier to spend more time enjoying your indoor-outdoor living spaces and less time running into the kitchen.



9. Paint the Trim of the Sunroom

Up your sunroom design with a little bit of paint on the trim. Shades like tan and medium brown complement a sunroom well and reflect the sun beautifully. You can also make the room stand out by painting the trim and paneling with a jewel tone like ruby or emerald to complement the furniture.



10. Don’t Forget a Plush Area Rug

An area rug is the ideal finishing statement for a sunroom. The rug adds more seating to the space for the youngsters and makes the area a little warmer on cooler nights.

Whether your home comes with a sunroom, or you add the space with one of the available sunroom kits, make the most of your sunroom design with these helpful sunroom tips. And, if you are ever in the market for a new home, trust the home builders at Pulte to offer a variety of floor plan options so you can choose the customized home, or sunroom that is perfect for you and your family.



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Published 2.4.2021

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